Maggie Haberman: Indictment is ‘really scary’ for Trump

Maggie Haberman: Indictment is ‘really scary’ for Trump

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On Thursday, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, a Trump favorite, told CNN that for forty years Trump has been trying not to get arrested, so this indictment has really shaken him despite what he says.

“He’s someone who has spent over four decades trying to avoid being arrested or charged,” Haberman said. “And so it’s a really scary moment for him despite everything he says.”

“Now you’re talking to different people tonight, you’re hearing he’s fine, you’re talking to others who say he’s very angry,” Trump Whisperer Maggie said.

“And I think this is the first time I can think about where he can’t control that,” she observed. “He was able to control the impeachment to some extent because Mitch McConnell was on his side in the Senate trial and because the House Republicans were on his side. He was even able to control the second impeachment to some extent. .”

“And I think he has overconfidence in his ability to influence events through bullying tactics, grabbing headlines,” she said. “It’s now in the hands of the judge who he draws and what the voters think.”

I predict the judge will eventually tell Trump to stop sending vitriolic messages on his social media platform.

This morning, Haberman told CNN that former Trump employees were happy with his indictment.

“They’ve been texting me, and there’s a long trail of people feeling burned, one way or another, by Donald Trump,” she said. “We certainly saw that in the White House. It was a pattern that had existed for decades in the Trump organization. And the number of people I heard yesterday who worked for his company and who were really happy, a no one texted with the words, ‘Wonderful news.'”