London: A telescopic urinal topples over and kills a technician

Scary scene in London. A urinal, which can collapse into the ground when not in use, crushed a technician to death in the heart of the British capital on Friday, according to police.

This type of pop-up toilet coming out of the ground at night is used in the party area of ​​the city.

According to Scotland Yard, emergency services were called in the afternoon to rescue the man, who found himself trapped in the urinal.

According to firefighters, the man was trapped below street level by the device. A winch was used to free it and significant rescue resources including 25 firefighters were deployed.

According to the BBC, the victim was finally released just before 4 pm. But “despite the efforts of the emergency services”, he was “pronounced dead at the scene”, police said on Twitter, adding that a security cordon remained in place.

According to the British chain, several London traffic axes were blocked in the late afternoon, causing several bus lines to be diverted.