Lionel Messi owns a rare Ferrari that costs more than Michael Jordan’s total salary from his most lucrative NBA season

Lionel Messi owns a rare Ferrari that costs more than Michael Jordan’s total salary from his most lucrative NBA season

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World champion Lionel Messi owns a super rare Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti, which has a higher valuation than basketball icon Michael Jordan won in his most profitable season.

Lionel Messi, who guided Argentina to their first FIFA World Cup trophy since 1986 in Qatar in December, is one of the highest paid players in the world. According to talkSPORT, the 35-year-old is currently earning a staggering £43m salary at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). The superstar earns an additional £39.9million from various endorsements.

Like many of his peers, Messi also has a taste for the finer things in the world. The 335 S Spider Scaglietti is one of those rare and desirable marvels that the Argentinian has in his collection.

According to GOAL’s report, the red super sports car, which is one of only four units ever built, cost Lionel Messi a staggering £29.1million. He reportedly beat Cristiano Ronaldo to the punch to win it at an auction in 2016.

Lionel Messi edged out Christiano Ronaldo at the auction by being the highest bidder for the 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti, paying $35.7 million on the car which was raced by Sir Stirling Moss in 1958.

The 4.0-litre car, which can reach a top speed of 300km/h, cost Messi more than basketball legend Michael Jordan in his most profitable campaign. The former Chicago Bulls superstar won £27.7m in the 1997-98 season, £1.4m less than the cost of Messi’s speed demon.

Jordan left an everlasting legacy in the world of basketball, winning six NBA championships and earning six NBA Finals MVP awards.

The legacy and greatness of Lionel Messi and Michael Jordan are comparable, thinks Ivan Rakitic

Lionel Messi’s former Barcelona teammate Ivan Rakitic had a chat with Michael Jordan’s former teammate Toni Kukoc in December 2021.

Speaking on the NBA Europe YouTube channel, the Croatian midfielder drew parallels between Messi and Jordan, saying the superstars have identical legacies in their respective fields.

“For us in football, what Messi means is Michael Jordan in basketball,” Rakitic said.

“With these two guys, they know that without the team behind them, they’ll never get everything they’ve done in their careers.”

Lionel Messi is the top scorer in the history of Barcelona and Argentina. In 16 seasons at Camp Nou, Messi has played 778 games in all competitions, scoring 672 goals and claiming 303 assists. He has won 10 La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies during that streak, among other honours.

For Argentina, he has so far played 172 games, scored 98 goals and provided 55 assists. He won a FIFA World Cup and a Copa America with the Albiceleste.

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