Letecia Stauch blames sex offender for Gannon’s disappearance

Letecia Stauch blames sex offender for Gannon’s disappearance

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Letecia Stauch and Gannon Stauch.  Quincy Brown (center).  (Images by Letecia Stauch and Gannon Stauch: El Paso County Sheriff

Letecia Stauch and Gannon Stauch. Quincy Brown (center). (Images by Letecia Stauch and Gannon Stauch: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office; photo by Brown: Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers)

An FBI special agent testified Wednesday that an allegedly murderous stepmother tried to blame her stepson’s disappearance on a wanted sex offender, whose unrelated case was made public on local news. In truth, however, there was no indication that this man, Quincy Brown, had anything to do with victim Gannon Stauch, 11, who disappeared on January 27, 2020, FBI Special Agent Amber Cronan said.

Prosecutors in Colorado Springs, Colo., point to the child’s stepmother, Letecia Stauch, 39, who they say stabbed Gannon 18 times, shot him in the head once (missing two times), cleaned up the crime scene and moved her body into a suitcase in Pensacola, Florida, where she pushed the remains onto a deck railing. Gannon’s disappearance, which happened while his father Al Stauch was out of town on National Guard work, sparked a search that lasted until bridge workers encountered the suitcase – and remains – on March 17, 2020.

The defense argues that Letecia Stauch was insane, suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Prosecutors say she knew what she was doing and was legally sane when she allegedly committed the murder. They argue she was manipulative, lying to her then-husband, Al Stauch, and even her blood relatives.

To bolster the case, the state showed lengthy wiretapped phone calls between Al and Letecia Stauch. Gannon’s father repeatedly expressed his frustration with his then-wife’s changing stories. For example, she can be heard on audio saying that she first told him that Gannon ran away. She hadn’t told him about Brown or the blood found in Gannon’s room, he said. He noted that she did not mention Brown in her initial report to police.

“You called the police and told them he got away, not that Quincy Brown took him away,” Al Stauch said, audibly annoyed. “What the f—, ‘Tecia?”

Cronan testified that Brown was locally on a most wanted list in the Colorado Springs area. The prosecutor noted media coverage of his case by outlets like KKTV and The Colorado Gazette. Quincy Brown’s name as a sex offender suspect appears in local coverage during and even before Gannon’s disappearance.

Cronan testified, however, that Brown was not even in the country anymore. Characterizing defendant Stauch’s statements during the phone call, the agent described her as often attempting to manipulate and also taking the subject on tangents.

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