Lelo Sona Review: A Soft And Explosive Stimulant

Lelo Sona Review: A Soft And Explosive Stimulant

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The tip of the gold is designed to encircle the entire exterior of the clitoris, while the sonic technology sends waves of pleasure with sensations right down to the roots of the clitoris.

The 12 available intensities make it possible to customize the strength of the pulsation if desired, for example by going from the softest to the most intense climax. As for its shape, elegant and relatively compact, this allows it to be used singly or in pairs, as it can be easily positioned over the clitoris during penetration. And let us tell you that the combo of both is absolutely indecent of Anand.

It must be said that Lello de Sona has set the bar very high for sensations with intense vibrato, delivering just what is needed. The first intensity can be a bit frustrating, as the suction stops suddenly if the head puts too much pressure on the vulva. Fortunately, this phenomenon is corrected when the intensity of the vibrations increases. Level 12 is probably a little too strong, except perhaps for insensitive or addicted clitorises.

The 8 flutter modes are as interesting as each other. We obviously scroll through them during the first use to feel the range of possibilities. A little advice for beginners: remember to reduce the intensity to a minimum between each change of mode, otherwise you may be surprised or reach climax too quickly.

In this Sona 2 competes with the models of Womanizer and they have nothing to envy.