Learn more about his salary, his parents

Learn more about his salary, his parents

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Tabea Waßmuth is a German footballer who plays as a striker for Frauen-Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg and the Germany national team. WaSsmuth has scored two goals in eleven games for the 2022/2023 Frauen Bundesliga this season. She could be selected to play in the 2023 Women’s World Cup because she is playing well for her team. The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will take place in Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to August 20. In addition to her professional life, she is supported and loved by her sporting family, who have always been there for her. Read more about Tabea Waßmuth Boyfriend, Parents, Salary, Goals, FIFA, Biography and Family below:

Boyfriend of Tabea Waßmuth: Her fans will be relieved to learn that she is not in a relationship or in a relationship. The stranger is Tabea Waßmuth’s boyfriend or partner. Currently, she appears to be in a romantic relationship. Although it is apparent that she is not engaged at the age of 26, no such evidence related to relationships and dating could be obtained on social media or on the Internet.

On December 31, 2022, she posted her photo with her favorite pet and captioned:

I wish you all a great “start” in the new year!
Thank you 2022 for many good times! 🥰
Thank you for your support! 👏🏻☺️
2023 is going to be exciting 🤭😍!

Waßmuth’s popularity is skyrocketing these days as she grabs everyone’s attention with her skill and tournament performance. The 26-year-old became an overnight celebrity, playing great as a striker. She completed the FIFA 2023 qualifying match playing for Germany. She will participate in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, hosted in Australia and New Zealand, from July 20 to August 20, 2023.

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Who are the parents Waßmuth (Eltern) and Familie? Biography, siblings

Waßmuth, the most promising young talent in Europe, comes from a sporting family. The national player’s family probably inspired her passion for football. While a member of KSV, she trained her own mother. And his brother is also a footballer and currently plays for his hometown club Karlsruhe. it’s likely that ball skills run in the family. It is possible that the player’s family played an important role in her success as a football player. Perhaps they provided support and encouragement throughout his career, helping him develop the skills and confidence to excel in the sport.

Tabea seems very private, as she hid her parents’ names. It’s possible that Tabea has personal reasons for hiding her parents’ names, such as to protect their privacy or avoid unwanted attention. Alternatively, she may simply prefer to keep her personal life separate from her public persona.

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When and where was the footballer born? Age (Other), Birthday, Nationality

Tabea Wassmuth was born on August 25, 1996 into a concise and gentle family in Giessen, Germany. Currently, she is a beautiful 26-year-old lady. She celebrates her birthday on August 25 each year. Tabea holds German nationality.

Wiki Tabea Wassmuth
VfL Wolfsburg player Tabea Waßmuth has signed a contract source: Instagram

Where did she complete her studies (Ausbildung)?

Football was Tabea’s childhood passion. His parents supported his aspirations rather than his studies or his school. She dropped out of high school due to soccer practice. His parents could start homeschooling him. She graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of Mannheim and is currently pursuing a doctorate in stroke rehabilitation. Waßmuth started her professional career with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in 2012, where she won the German B-Junior Championship.

What is Waßmuth (Gehalt) salary and net worth (Reinvermögen) before FIFA 2023? Contract(Vertrag)

She is one of Europe’s most promising young talents, playing for VfL Wolfsburg and the German women’s national team. Waßmuth’s football talent and hard work earned him a lot of money and fame. The beautiful footballer has amassed a substantial fortune through game prizes, endorsements and collaborations. Tabea Waßmuth net worth is not less than $1.5 million. Tabea’s average salary is up to €10,000 per month.

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In July 2021, Waßmuth will sign with VfL Wolfsburg. In her debut season, she finished the group stage with eight goals, putting her top of the scoring charts. Until June 2025, she extended her contract with Wolfsburg in May 2022. Wolfsburg is known for its strong women’s football team, and Waßmuth’s impressive performances in her first season with the club cemented her position as a key player. Her contract extension demonstrates the team’s commitment to building a prosperous future with her on board.

Waßmuth made his debut for Germany on 22 September 2020, starting in a UEFA Euro 2022 away qualifier against Montenegro which ended in a 3–0 win. On 1 December 2020 in Dublin, she scored her first two international goals for Germany, scoring 2-0 in the 29th minute and 3-1 in the 85th minute of a 3-1 win over the Republic of Ireland. National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg included Waßmuth in Germany’s squad for UEFA Euro 2022. She appeared in four games at the tournament.

Awards and Achievements

  • UEFA Championship runners-up: 2022
  • German Junior B Football Championship: 2012
  • Promotion to 2nd Bundesliga: 2014
  • German Football Championship: 2022
  • German Cup: 2022

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The talented player is 1.70m (5ft 7in) tall. His weight is 137 pounds. Tabea is a health freak who is obsessed with her nutrition. With her blonde hair, intriguing brown eyes, and wonderful, attractive smile, she looks excellent, gorgeous, and easy on the eyes. She is physically fit and mentally strong in nature.