Last Boeing 747 draws a crown on its route as a tribute

Last Boeing 747 draws a crown on its route as a tribute

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The last copy of the planes Boeing 747which had been delivered to the American airline Atlas Air, made its first flight and on its route drew a crown next to the iconic number that identifies the model, as a tribute to this “Queen of the Skies” who revolutionized air transport.

It was since Tuesday night that Boeing Airplanes shared a video showing the colossal aircraft, accompanied by a text in English suggesting that the trip would pay tribute to this iconic model.

“The last queen of heaven will take off soon with @AtlasAirWW. Stay tuned for takeoff and for the flight plan, which will pay tribute to his legacy,” the company wrote on social media.

The next day the images of the takeoff were revealed, which occurred at the airport of Paine Field; in these you can see how the last Boeing 747, with the “hump” that characterizes the model, stands on the lands of the state of Washington.

Then, through the flight data and tracking service FlightAwareseveral netizens noticed the “tribute” the company was talking about: during its journey, the plane performed a series of maneuvers to draw the number 747 inside a crown, and then continued on its way to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. .

“Here is the flight plan followed by Atlas Air pilots for the delivery of the last 747. Next to the name is a crown, a nod to the iconic ‘Queen of the Skies,'” Boeing tweeted, along with an image. of the journey

“One of the most important aircraft in all of history”

Previously, during the delivery of this plane, thousands of people -among them many workers and former employees of the aeronautical giant, but also representatives of airlines and the aviation sector- had gathered at the plant that the company has in Everett, Washington, to attend a ceremony that was broadcast live on the internet.

Inside a gigantic hangar, the participants shared and listened to stories about the development of the device and paid tribute, among others, to the “Incredibles”, the group responsible for creating what is probably the best-known passenger plane model in the world. .

“We are talking about one of the most important aircraft in all of history,” he explained in a video. Mike Lombardithe head of the Boeing archives, who highlighted above all how the 747 “democratized” flight.

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“Because of its size, its range and the economy of this plane, ordinary people around the world were able to buy tickets and fly on a 747,” Lombardi said.

This latest 747, number 1,574 manufactured by Boeing, was assembled during the last months of last year in Everett, in the same plant where all units of this model have been built.

That factory is considered the biggest building in the world by volume and created expressly to produce the 747, the first “jumbo jet” to take to the skies, a behemoth up to 250 feet long (76.2 meters) and with a wingspan of more than 224 feet (68.4 meters).

Development and characteristics of the Boeing 747

The 747 was the first dual-aisle commercial airliner, and thanks to its ability to more than 400 passengersis considered one of those responsible for making air transport cheaper and bringing it closer to the masses.

Its development began in the mid-1960s commissioned by Pan American airlines, and from the beginning it was conceived as an aircraft for both passengers and cargo, which gave rise to its front hump, the most characteristic element of its design.

The 747 became quite the sensation: an airplane much bigger than those seen before, with a luxurious upper cabin and a long range that made it ideal for the transatlantic voyages.

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Its first commercial flight in 1970 carried more than 300 Pan Am passengers between New York and London, and the model was an immediate bestseller.

The 747, with various updates, remained the world’s largest passenger aircraft for decades, until in 2005 it began to fly the Airbus A380.

In recent years its use has been losing strength in favor of smaller and more efficient ships, especially for the transport of passengers, although it is still quite common for freight and is expected to continue operating for years.

Its legend contributes, among many other things, to having been since 1990 the model chosen by the White House as the basis for its two Air Force Onethe aircraft specially conditioned for the trips of the President of the United States.

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