Larry Kudlow promotes lie that SVB donated millions to BLM

Larry Kudlow promotes lie that SVB donated millions to BLM

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Former Trump economic adviser and Fox Business host Larry Kudlow lied about Silicon Valley Bank donating $75 million to the Black Lives Matters movement due to “woke” policies. This is a fully debunked lie, which Fox News should stop blasting immediately.

Fox News host Sandra Smith asked Kudlow to comment on the SVB situation.

“Revival politics, I don’t like them any more than anybody else,” Kudlow said.

Kudlow loves the Republican House’s awful HR1 energy and climate change bill.

“This Silicon Valley bank was a rogue bank, did some crazy things,” he said.

Why fund managers and Republican billionaires kept their money there is beyond me if it was “rogue and woke”. (It’s a new cereal brought by purple M&Ms)

“The board was full of Hillary Clinton donors, someone there with a banking background, gave $75 million to Black Lives Matter, $5 billion to climate causes and diversity, that is nonsense. It’s a rogue bank,” Kudlow chided.

This man is a joke and it says a lot about Fox News as an entity that he has his own agenda again.

Kudlow told America in March 2020, before Trump admitted we were in a pandemic, “COVID19 seems relatively contained.”

Susie Madrak debunked these scumbags claims at the Claremont Institute, already on C&L on Thursday.

Judd Legum tweeted: ‘Actual amount SVB donated to BLM is ZERO’

Is there a lie Fox News won’t promote against Democrats?