Kyiv’s allies promised to deliver “321 heavy tanks”

Kyiv’s allies promised to deliver “321 heavy tanks”

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focus- Ukraine’s ambassador to France, who put forward the figure, however, did not provide details on the number of tanks promised by each country. Several allies have expressed a desire to deliver the tank.

Having lost several hundred tanks in a year of war, Ukraine would finally be able to replenish its stocks with Allied tanks. Following the British decision to deliver Challenger 2s in mid-January, Europe experienced another pivotal week with the German release for deliveries of Leopard tanks, triggering a wave of announcements from countries allied with Kyiv.

Interviewed on the set of This Friday, January 27 BFM TVUkraine’s ambassador to France, Vadim Omelchenko, said that “Several countries have officially confirmed their agreement to deliver 321 heavy tanks to Ukraine“. President Zelensky said on Tuesday that Ukraine “needs far more tanks than it has”.five, ten or fifteen“. According to the highest-ranking officer in the Ukrainian military, General Valery Zalojny quoted new York TimesAt least 300 tanks would be needed to mark a turning point on the front.

So this figure of 321 tanks by the ambassador is good news for Ukraine, provided they can be quickly turned on the ground before a possible Russian counteroffensive in the spring. Vadim Omelchenko however did not specify the donor countries, nor the exact number promised by each of them. But many have formalized their distribution deals. le figaro Reviews promises of tank deliveries between Ukraine’s allies.

According to the exclusive blog, the heavy tanks delivered to Kyiv should be made of German Leopard 2s, with 2260 copies in NATO member states in Europe. blablachars, one of the most important reservoirs in the region. Berlin, along with other committed partner countries, aims to build two battalions of these tanks, i.e. 100 units. In detail,GermanyThrough the voice of his head of state, Olaf Scholz, announced the delivery of 14 Leopard 2 Type 2A6s from the stocks of his army, the Bundeswehr.

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panther alliance

poland For its part formalized the delivery of 14 of the German-built tanks. And Warsaw announced on Thursday that it would also deliver about sixty additional tanks, including 30 PT-91s, a modernized version of the Soviet T-72, a decision by the Ukrainian president on Friday. ,I thank you for such important decisions to supply Ukraine with 60 Polish tanks, including 60 PT-91, as well as 14 Leopard (…)said Volodymyr Zelensky on Twitter two days after Germany and the United States announced they would provide Kyiv with heavy tanks. Polish head of government Mateusz Morawiecki also recalled on television that Poland had “have already delivered 250 tanks (…) and even moreFor Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Most of these are T-72 tanks of Soviet design.

If almost all Leopard tanks of NATO member states are in Europe, thencanadian army The one who chose German tanks is an exception. And the country announced the delivery of four Leopard 2 through the voice of its Defense Minister in this matter.

In a series of announcements following the German Chancellor’s statements, the Norway Also announced its intention to distribute Leopard. ,We must support Ukraine in this defensive warDefense Minister Björn Arild Gram said, without specifying the exact number. According to the Norwegian newspaper dagens neringsliveNorway can give 8 Leopard tanks out of 36 it has.

To complete the Leopard 2 battalions, several NATO countries with these tanks have also announced that they will participate in the effort without specifying the number of tanks. L’spain Is “Desirousto send Leopard heavy tanks but also to participate inTraining“Ukrainian soldiers for them”Use” and their “MaintenanceSpain’s Defense Minister Margarita Robles said. According to the Spanish press, Madrid can draw from its base in Zaragoza where about a hundred tanks are stored, of which 53 units are at least twenty usable. their neighbors the portugal Also offered to supply 2 tanks to Leopard.

FinlandFor its part, it formalized its cooperation for “Create a separate platform to strengthen Ukraine with armor, including tanks“, according to the announcement of its president. The President of Finland, whose army is equipped with more than 200 Leopard 2 tanks, noted a possible contribution from the Finnish side, emphasizing a training role.

Challenger and Abrams

Sweden announced, without giving any numbers, that delivery of its main battle tank, the Strideswagen 122, an improved version of the Leopard 2, was not impossible. Other countries have also shown themselves open to such a possibility without confirming any deliveries at the moment. Denmark And country,Less are in this case.

Leopard 2 is added to the 14 Challenger 2 tanks promised by Ukraine UK, As early as 14 January the British announced that they would supply Kyiv with heavy tanks. And this Thursday, Secretary of State for Defense Alex Chalk clarified before Parliament that the government is making sure these tanks arrive “end of March,

United States of americaMeanwhile, the UK and Germany waited for announcements that they would send 31 Abrams heavy tanks. This valuable announcement is in addition to $24.2 billion in total US military assistance since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022.

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