Know that and you’re good

Know that and you’re good

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Buying travel insurance is always a good idea, but it’s not always optional. Before traveling to a country, it is important to find out about its mandatory requirements before you leave.

There are countries that by law require all visitors to show proof of travel insurance before being allowed to enter the country; this is usually done as a protective measure. However, not all countries have these requirements.

In this article, we are going to focus on Morocco to find out which of the two categories it belongs to when it comes to travel insurance. Please read on for all the information.

Do you need travel insurance to travel to Morocco?

Travel insurance is one of the main ways a traveler can ensure that their trip is not interrupted before they even leave. And although many countries have made it mandatory for all their visitors to have travel insurance, Morocco has no such requirements.

Purchasing travel insurance for your trip to Morocco is purely optional, however, it is always in your interest as a traveler heading to a foreign country to have measures in place against emergencies which can prove costly. .

What travel insurance is Morocco subject to?

Being an African country, Morocco is not included in the European coverage policies of many travel insurance companies.

The best travel insurance company to cover your trip to Morocco is one that has African cover policies.

Nevertheless, there are still a few insurance companies, like InsureandGo, that have Morocco in their European cover policies, making sure to do the necessary research before taking out insurance.

Can I take out travel insurance for Morocco?

Yes you can. Travelers can purchase travel insurance for their trips to Morocco in the form of a single trip travel insurance policy or a multi-trip annual travel insurance policy.

As the name suggests, single trip policies only cover you for the duration of one trip while annual multi-trip policies cover you for each trip you will take within the year.

Annual covers are highly recommended for people who travel several times a year, as the policy will cost them less than if they purchased single trip policies each time they needed to travel.

Do I need a visa for Morocco?

If you are visiting Morocco for a period of 90 days or less, no visa is required of you before being allowed to enter the country. However, if your intention is to stay longer beyond 90 days, the Moroccan government will require you to show your visa along with a valid passport. Not that you can’t get a Moroccan visa when you arrive in the country, so do well to get yours before your trip.

How much does travel insurance cost in Morocco?

There is no standard cost for travel insurance in Morocco. This is because the price of travel insurance policies is determined by many different factors that vary with each traveler. These factors include the total cost and duration of your trip, the type of coverage the traveler wants, and their age.

The age of the travelers is important for the insurer, because older people mean higher health risks and will therefore be forced to pay higher costs, while younger people simply mean the opposite.

Is it worth paying for travel insurance?

The cost of travel insurance is usually between 4 and 12% of the cost of a traveler’s trip. The percentage commonly used by many travel insurance companies is between 5 and 6%.

And for that cost, a traveler can get coverage for all of their medical emergencies, lost baggage, and canceled or delayed trips.

If you consider how much travel insurance could actually save you in emergency expenses, you’ll realize that it’s really worth the small fraction you pay for it.


Travel insurance serves as a security blanket that you can rely on in case of a financial emergency during your trip.

Make sure you enjoy a stress-free and uninterrupted visit to Morocco by securing your trip in advance. Your security and protection are always worth the investment.

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