Know his family tree and his personal life!

Know his family tree and his personal life!

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Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik is being held by Colorado police and 2 others teenagers have been arrested in connection with the death of a 20-year-old girl, Alexa Martell.

Alexa Martell was murdered while driving when she threw a rock and Boulder and Jefferson counties are where the accident happened. 2 other children and Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik were taken into custody in Arvada.

As for the other 2 suspects, Colorado currently has custody of 18-year-old Joseph Koening and Zachary Kwak, who attend different high schools.

According to information, Alexa Martell has no connection with the defendant.

Now, via this article, we will get to know Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik, who was one of the children arrested for the murder of Alexa Bartell.

Here’s everything we know about Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik’s parents: Know his family tree and personal life!

Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents

Parents of Nicholas Karol-Chik from Colorado are one of the parents, whose children hit the headlines after revealing the detention of the 3 teenagers. People mainly want to know the parents of Nicholas Karol-Chik from now on.

However, there is no news on Nicholas Karol-Chik’s name which has recently surfaced in connection with his arrest.

Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents
Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents

Nicholas Karol-Chik is the teenager who was detained andhe was said to have taken a photo of Alexa Martell’s last car after hitting it “as a memento”, according to court documents.

Nicholas informed the police that the 3 youths were throwing rocks at cars and were “excited” when they hit them.

Colorado Family of Nicholas Karol-Chik

Nicholas Karol-Chik was arrested, Nicholas’ family held back and refused to speak to the media. Nicholas has been charged with first degree murder associated with the death of Alexa Bartell.

Two other teenagers along with Nicholas named Joseph Koenig and Zachary Kwak were also arrested.

The death of young daughter Alexa Martell is currently being mourned and her parents are in mourning. She was driving on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, when the accident is believed to have occurred.

Alexa Bartell charged with death
Alexa Bartell charged with death

Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who are the parents of Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik?

Rep. Colorado The names of Nicholas Karol-Chik’s parents are not known.

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