Kimberly Loaiza becomes the most followed YouTube channel

Kimberly Loaiza becomes the most followed YouTube channel

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Since influencers Kimberly Loaiza decided to launch on the YouTube platform, her notoriety rose like foam, relying on her now husband Juan de Dios Pantoja, who was already known on the networks, for the videos he was making, so he boosted his career.

His charisma, jokes, and insights were what netizens loved, especially since his content is often seen by kids and teens, so soon after sharing videos, he was reaching millions of subscribers.

Now, recently a new realization accompanies Kimberly Loaizasince becoming the YouTube channel with the most subscribers in all of Mexico, surpassing the influencers Luisito Comunica, who previously held this title.

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Currently the number of followers of the older beauty is 39.9 million subscribers, almost 40 million, for his part, Lusito has almost the same amount but a few thousand are what differs from channel to channel. ‘other.

Thanks to Kimberly Loazhe tried his hand at social media is that he can now have his dream job, and even in the music industry, having relevance among his beauties, his social media impact has been so big that it has been seen linked to big celebrities.

Kimberly Loaiza becomes the most followed YouTube channel

It was not the only achievement on Kim’s side, but also being the Latina with the most followers on the Tik Tok platform, without neglecting the honor of being the first Mexican to appear on the scene. of the festival. of electronic music, Tomorrowland.


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