Karimah Westbrook Bio, Age, Husband, Net, Movies, TV Shows

Karimah Westbrook Bio, Age, Husband, Net, Movies, TV Shows

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Karimah Westbrook Biography

Karimah Westbrook is an actress from the United States best known for her roles in The CW drama series, All American, Save the Last Dance, and The District.

How old is Karimah Westbrook? – Age

She is 44 years old as of 6 October 2022. She was born in 1978 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Karimah Westbrook Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $48 Million.

Karimah Westbrook Height

She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches(1.7 m).

Karimah Westbrook All American

She portrays Grace James on The CW series All American. She is Spencer’s mother and his staunchest supporter, and she tells it like it is. Grace is a rock for her family, fighting for the best futures for her sons and their community even in the face of adversity. She is also Dillon James’ mother and Corey James’ ex-wife.

Karimah Westbrook Photo
Karimah Westbrook Photo

Karimah Westbrook Baadasssss!

She was cast as Ginnie in the 2003 American biographical drama filmBaadasssss!. Melvin first meets Ginnie during a Bill-hosted party, and they sleep together. Despite her appearance as a minor at first, Melvin subsequently calls her to be in the film. Melvin is desperate to cast Ginnie in an early sequence of the film when Priscilla quits. Although she initially assumes it is an erotic work, threatening to abandon the set and putting another roadblock in Melvin’s way, Melvin eventually persuades her of its true aim, to make something that shows Blacks realistically rather than in a perpetually subordinate role. Ginnie agrees to star after being persuaded and given some money up ahead.

Karimah Westbrook The Rum Diary

She was cast as Papa Nebo in the 2011 American comedy-drama film The Rum Diary. Paul Kemp, a failing author, finds work at a newspaper in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He meets PR consultant Hal Sanderson after falling in love with Chenault. They come see poverty as well as a resort bargain on a “pristine” island. They release a final issue that reveals the truth about Lotterman and Sanderson. They win a wager with Papa Nebo on cockfighting, but the printing presses are confiscated. Kemp returns to New York, marries Chenault, and rises to prominence as a journalist.

Karimah Westbrook Movies

♦ 2020 – After We Collided
♦ 2019 – Bolden
♦ 2017 – Suburbicon
♦ 2016 – Caged
♦ 2013 – Baby Girl
♦ 2012 – C’mon Man
♦ 2011 – The Rum Diary
♦ 2010 – Louis
♦ 2008 – Truth Hall
♦ 2008 – American Violet
♦ 2007 – Studio
♦ 2006 – Best Kept Secret
♦ 2005 – The Tenants
♦ 2005 – American Fusion
♦ 2004 – Knuckle Sandwich
♦ 2003 – Baadasssss!

Karimah Westbrook TV Shows

♦ 2018 – Truth Hall
♦ 2018—present – All American
♦ 2017 – Shameless
♦ 2015 – Aquarius
♦ 2014 – The Fosters
♦ 2014 – Masters of Sex
♦ 2010 – Mad Men
♦ 2010 – Look: The Series
♦ 2006 – In Justice
♦ 2006 – Without a Trace
♦ 2003 – Strong Medicine
♦ 2003 – Girlfriends
♦ 2003 – 10-8: Officers on Duty
♦ 2001 – ER
♦ 2001 – Moesha
♦ 2001 – That’s Life