Joe Biden refuses to allow US to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

Joe Biden refuses to allow US to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

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10:49 PM Evidence of war crimes committed by the Russian military continues to mount. Two NGOs published a new investigation today which concludes that the killings were carried out by the occupying forces, “deliberate attacks against civilians” and acts of torture between February and April 2022 in the towns of Motyzyn, Kopiliv and Severnivka, near Kyiv. Our reporter Valentine Pascuasoon details what his report reveals.

10:43 PM : America does not intend to send F-16 fighter jet to Ukraine: Journalist asked on this issue, which Biden replied “No”, On the other hand, he announced that he would soon visit Poland, the date of which is yet to be decided.

9:07 p.m. Norway will send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine “as soon as possible”says the Norwegian Defense Minister. The latter recalls that Germany mentioned the termination “end of March”, On the other hand, we do not know how many of the 36 Leopard 2s equipping the Norwegian army will be taken to Ukraine.

8:33 PM : Let’s remember the main news of this Monday:

• On the eve of a new day of mobilisation, the National Assembly launched an investigation into the pension reform project in committee. Movement promises to follow in transport: here are the traffic forecasts for tomorrow.

• Noel Le Graet accepts the audit mission requested by the Sports Ministry “no longer has the required validity” to take over the presidency of the FFF, from which he specifically withdrew “His treatment of women”,

• Delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine is a new concept being debated among Kyiv’s allies. “Nothing is prohibited in principle”Responds to Emmanuel Macron, who however underlines the need not to take risks “Touching Russian Soil”,

8:02 PM : this statement is good, because our journalist Pierre-Louis Caron has just published an article on this tangled issue of the delivery of planes to Kyiv, a debate that follows it on tanks and which divides Western countries equally . Military interests were also discussed.

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At 7:59 p.m. : Emmanuel Macron answered this when asked in The Hague on the hypothesis of sending fighter jets to Ukraine “Nothing is prohibited in principle”. But the head of state lists several criteria he believes must be met: One “the requested” by Ukraine, not so “Don’t Be Escalator” And “Unlikely to touch Russian soil” And “It does not come to undermine the competence of the French army”,

7:55 pm : The challenge of this Franco-Australian meeting was not only diplomatic: both countries announced that they were going to supply Ukraine with shells produced jointly by the two countries. The first deliveries to the Ukrainian military are expected in the first quarter of this year.

5:58 pm : Norway plans to send 2 Leopard tanks to Ukraine “as soon as possible”, Norway’s defense minister said, indicating that these deliveries could take place at the end of March. The number of tanks affected has not been confirmed.

2:45 p.m. :Let’s do a new update on the news:

The lawyer for the mother of Lucas, a teenager who committed suicide in early January, announced the organization of a white march in memory of the young boy in Epinal (Vosges) on Sunday 5 February at 2 pm.

some “1,000 to 2,000 ‘yellow vests'” And “200 to 400 radical elements” According to regional information, it is expected in Paris tomorrow during a demonstration against pension reform. Follow us live.

• Ukraine denies that Russian troops are advancing, as Moscow claims, near the town of Vogledar, a new hot spot on the front in eastern Ukraine where fighting has recently intensified. Follow us live.

• The World Health Organization has maintained the highest alert level for the COVID-19 pandemic.

2:01 pm , “We can no longer maintain our farms because there are mines and oysters. How can we live another year without being able to harvest?”

The war has already severely damaged the agricultural sector in Ukraine over the past year, a major player in world trade in food products. And it will be worse for the 2023 crop. Our report near Kherson.

12:05 : It’s 12:05 PM, time to take stock of this Monday afternoon’s news:

• On the eve of a new day of mobilization against pension reform, Gerald Darmanin announced yesterday the mobilization of 11,000 police forces in France.

• Russia accused Boris Johnson of lying when he claimed that Vladimir Putin personally threatened him ahead of the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

• The World Health Organization maintains the highest alert level for the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Gustave Caillebotte’s famous painting Part of a Boat, considered a “national treasure”, is now part of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

11:34 am Russia accuses Boris Johnson of lying when he claims he was threatened by Vladimir Putin before the invasion of Ukraine. According to the former British Prime Minister, interviewed by the BBC, the Russian President told him, in February 2022, “Boris, I don’t want to kill you, but a missile will only take a minute”,

11:21 am : On Wednesday at 2.30 pm in the Senate, the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Rouslan Stephantchuk will make a speech in a public session.

10:53 : The Ukrainian president has raised his tone against the International Olympic Committee, which is examining the possibility of authorizing the participation of Russian athletes under a neutral banner in the 2024 Olympics. “The originator of war, murder and destruction”. ,The IOC happily watches Russia destroy Ukraine and then provides Russia with a platform to promote genocide.” Ukrainians launch Mykhaïlo Podoliak, an adviser to the president, on Twitter.

08:15 , “Boris, I don’t want to kill you, but a missile will only take a minute” In a BBC documentary aired this evening, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “somehow threatened” Before the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

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