Joe Biden and Kamala Harris officially announced their candidacy for re-election |

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris officially announced their candidacy for re-election |

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On Tuesday, President Joe Biden officially declared his intention to run for a second consecutive term in 2024. The oldest president in American history, Joe Biden, will be 86 in 2028. He is the third officially declared Democratic candidate to the election, behind Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson.

Biden’s team had insisted he intended to run, but the president repeatedly evaded the subject, saying he would consider his family and his health before making a decision. .

Despite the president’s doctor declaring him “fit for duty” during a medical exam in February, a Harvard CAPS-Harris survey conducted the same month found that 63% of Americans thought Biden was too old to work. run for president.

Before making his official announcement, the president increasingly hinted that he might run for office again. In April, he told reporters he would decide “relatively soon” but that his team were “not ready to announce it yet”.

Jill Biden, the first lady, said she would wholeheartedly support Biden’s candidacy, saying it was his choice and the family would “support whatever he wants to do.”

Since Joe Biden said Kamala Harris was his running mate in January 2022, she will most likely join him on the 2024 ticket.

According to CBS, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, a senior West Wing employee and Cesar Chavez’s granddaughter, will lead Biden’s campaign. Wilmington, Delaware, is apparently being considered as a potential location for the campaign headquarters. On weekends, Biden regularly travels to town, where he has a personal home.

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