Jim Ryan and EU antitrust chief reportedly met this week Xbox One

Jim Ryan and EU antitrust chief reportedly met this week Xbox One

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A few days ago, Microsoft asked Sony to disclose internal information to support its defense against the FTC. Still, the Redmond firm will also have to bolster its arguments against the European Antitrust Committee, which will meet with Sony CEO Jim Ryan this week.

Sony and EU Activision in contact to discuss Blizzard acquisition?

This is a Reuters source who claims that Jim Ryan and EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager met on Wednesday. Reuters also reported that the European Union is expected to hand over a charge sheet later this week outlining its concerns about Microsoft’s dealings.

For Sony, it is above all a question of the EU understanding the threat that such an acquisition poses to Sony, but also to other major players in the industry, who would not have the possibility to compete against such a group. .

That won’t make Microsoft’s job any easier, as it’s already dealing with a massive wave of internal layoffs as well as a lawsuit from the FTC. According to the latest news, Microsoft intends to introduce solutions and guarantees to EU regulators to avoid prolonging procedures, or even going to court. Meanwhile, the European Commission has until 11 April to express itself.

Most recently, the CMA (UK) and the European Commission were still examining the file to deliver their verdict despite objections expected from the European Commission during the week. You can find a calendar of the next deadlines in our full file on Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. If Europe and the United Kingdom ratify the acquisition and do not protest, Microsoft may attempt a forced route and ratify the acquisition without FTC approval, thus exposing itself to possible litigation in US federal court. Can expose for.