Jesseca Dupart – Bio, Net worth, Partner, Children, Age, Facts, Family

Jesseca Dupart – Bio, Net worth, Partner, Children, Age, Facts, Family

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Jesseca Dupart is a entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope hair products of Louisiana. She is also known socially as “Judyto her supporters. She is married to the rapper, Da Brat and is expecting her first baby with her companion. Da Brat is now 18 weeks pregnant, with the couple using Harris-Dupart’s eggs and an anonymous sperm donor – who she called an “eager entrepreneur” – to conceive.

Dupart founded Kaleidoscope Hair Studio in 2013 and in late 2013 a raging fire gutted the studio and shattered his aspirations. She picked up the broken pieces of her destroyed workshop and started another business, Kaleidoscope hair products in July 2014. She also founded her hair care company in 2016 and currently has over 43,000 customers.

Who are Jesseca Dupart’s parents?

Jesseca Dupart was born by her parents on February 12, 1982. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She is Afro-American by ethic race while holding US citizenship. Jesseca Faye Harris Dupart is his real name. The entrepreneur celebrated his 41st birthday on February 12, 2023. His date of birth falls under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. His father is Antoine Dupart, a real estate agent who had a brief stint in the mayor’s office, and his mother is Evelyn Dupart. Her father died of congestive heart failure, aged 72, on January 13, 2011. She has three siblings, two brothers and one sister named; Jesse Jr. Dupart, Damon Sr. Dupart, And Jheri Dupart. She has been doing hairdressing since she was a child. At age 7, Jesseca was styling her dolls’ hair. After five years, she braided her friends’ hair after school. “My mom always tells me stories about how I used to put barrettes in my dad’s hair, so that was something I always wanted to pursue,” she told Hype Hair. “Although I hadn’t realized it would turn into all of this.” She had a hard time as her family abandoned her during her second pregnancy. She learned to be independent at an early age.

Jesseca Dupart, American entrepreneur and founder of Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Jesseca attended and graduated from Warren Easton Charter High School.

What does Jesseca Dupart do for a living?

  • Jesseca Dupart has been interested in cosmetology since childhood. She then started working as a hairdresser.
  • She founded Kaleidoscope Hair Studio in 2013. Her salon burned down in December 2013 and she reopened it in July 2014 and introduced Kaleidoscope hair products.
  • In 2018, Kaleidoscope sales grew from $100,000 a month at the start of the year to $1 million at the end of March.
  • After a year, Dupart was presented with the Key to the City of New Orleans by New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell in recognition of the philanthropy and business she has contributed to the area.
  • She then launched her website, “I was a hairstylist for four years,” she said on Breakfast Club Power in April 2019. “I decided to dive into hair products…I was able to make over fifteen million dollars in a few years.”
  • On March 31, 2019, Jesseca wrote the book – “When the Miracle Happens: How Instagram Helped Turn a Quick Fix Into a Million Dollar Product”.
  • In February 2021, it was reported that his company, Kaleidoscope Hair Products, would be available at Walmart stores. Some of the products include Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Shampoo and Conditioner, Kaleidoscope Milkshake Leave-In Detangling Spray, The Answer by Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges, Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops – Original.
  • Currently, she is the main cast of the TV series “Brat Loves Judy” (2021-present).

Who is Jesseca Dupart’s partner?

Jesseca Dupart is a woman married to her wife, Da Brat (Shawntae Harris-Dupart). His partner, Da Brat is a rapper who is currently signed with So So Def Records. On February 22, 2022, Jesseca and Da Brat got married in Georgia. Only 100 guests were invited. In March 2020, it was confirmed that Jesseca Dupart is in a relationship with rapper Da Brat. She started dating the rapper in 2019. The couple went public with their relationship in 2020 and later starred in the weTV series Brat Loves Judy. Her sexual orientation is lesbian.

All about Da Brat

Da Brat announced in February 2023 that she and Harris-Dupart were expanding their family and that she was expecting her first child. The couple shared cute photos of Da Brat wrapping his arms around Dupart, holding a heart in front of his fiancée’s belly. “We EXTEND the family🤰🏽,” they captioned the joint Instagram post. The couple have yet to reveal the gender of their baby. “My child will have all my names, honey,” Da Brat said when hosting Dish Nation. “His name would be Legacy Shawntae Dupart. Shawntae is my first name and Dupart is my baby’s last name. Yes honey, carry on your parents’ legacy honey.” Jesseca already has three children from a previous relationship and she often shares on Instagram. When Jesseca was only 15, she gave birth to her first child. At 17, she became pregnant for the second time. Her second pregnancy was unbearable for her parents, so they kicked her out of the house. At 19, she became pregnant and gave birth to her third child. However, she denied revealing the identity of her baby’s father. She previously dated Denzel Cox, a traveling trainer.

What is Jesseca Dupart net worth?

Jesseca Dupart is a millionaire businesswoman. In 2013, she created her hair salon. Her salon burned down in December 2013 and she reopened it in July 2014 and introduced Kaleidoscope hair products. In 2018, Kaleidoscope sales grew from $100,000 a month at the start of the year to $1 million at the end of March. His main source of wealth comes from his business career. It also earned him several mentions of well-known brands and names.

Jesseca Dupart estimated to have $8 million as of 2023. She derived most of her wealth by founding and managing Kaleidoscope Hair Products. She also started a real estate agency Kaleidoscope Realty where she owns and manages a million dollar commercial property. His business has been ranked at over $12 million in sales per year. She also makes money by selling copies of her book When The Miracle Drops. She lives a lavish lifestyle at one time. She also owns branded cars and a large bungalow in which she lives.

How tall is Jesseca Dupart?

Jesseca Dupart is a beautiful woman with a charming smile. She has dark brown hair color but she often colors her hair several colors. His eye color is dark brown. She has inked several tattoos on her body.

Jesseca Dupart is 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm tall. His body weight is 60 kg or 132 lbs. She hasn’t lost any weight. She has a voluptuous body. She has a healthy body at present.

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