Jenna Bush Hager has revealed her ex broke up with her because she was wearing a bathing suit!  – Married biography

Jenna Bush Hager has revealed her ex broke up with her because she was wearing a bathing suit! – Married biography

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Jenna Bush Hager has revealed her ex broke up with her because she was wearing a bathing suit!

Jenna Bush said her boyfriend left her because of the way she dressed. source: page 6

  • Jenna Bush Hager has revealed her boyfriend dumped her after seeing her in a swimsuit.
  • Bush appeared on Wednesday’s Today Show where she made the shocking revelation.
  • She also shed light on how body shaming can impact a person’s mental and emotional health.

Jenna Bush remembers her toxic ex-boyfriend

Jenna Bush Hager shocked everyone when she revealed her seventh-grade boyfriend broke up with her just because she was wearing a swimsuit.

The former first daughter said in her three-minute confession video on Wednesday’s Today Show,

“It’s so interesting because people really hit you where it hurts,”

“I had a boyfriend in seventh grade who broke up with me after we went swimming together after seeing me in a bathing suit.”

Bush, 41, also wanted to talk about how body shaming can have a lasting impact on the mind.

Jenna Bush
Bush discussed the negative aspects of body shaming. source: page 6

She says,

“I feel like even sometimes now, when I’m feeling good – I have three kids, three C-sections, I really feel in my body and I think that’s a beautiful thing – I’m going to walk in a swimming pool and hang out, ”

Jenna shares daughters Mila, 9, and Poppy, 7, and son, Hal, 3, with husband Henry Hager. She also revealed on the show that the pain she endured from then on encouraged her to raise her three children to be loving human beings.

She talked about parenthood, saying,

“All we want is to love children. We don’t need the star child, the this, the that. We want nice children,”

“The way you do that is to model it.”

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Jenna referenced Ariana Grande’s shameful latest response

Bush Hager’s recent statement came as she spoke to Hoda Kotb about Ariana Grande’s response to recent comments made about her body.

THE bang bang The singer shared a TikTok video where she slammed online trollers who called her too thin and unhealthy after her recent photos were posted.

On Tuesday, Grande explained,

“The body you compared my current body to was the most unhealthy version of my body,”

“I was taking a lot of antidepressants, drinking them and eating badly.”

Ariana Grande
Grande looked slim in recent photos. source: page 6

THE god is a woman singer added,

“[I was] at the lowest point of my life when I looked like how you consider my health, but it actually wasn’t my health.

Bush revealed last month that she felt like she had lost a part of herself as she suffered a painful ectopic pregnancy many years ago.

She said at the time,

“As a woman, it was a really hard thing to go through“,

The difficult medical issue happened before she and her husband welcomed their first child, daughter Mila, in 2013.

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