Jason McConnell was shot and killed in a mass shooting at the Klymax Lounge in Kansas City

Jason McConnell was shot and killed in a mass shooting at the Klymax Lounge in Kansas City

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At around 2.30am on Sunday, Honystye Chancellor’s phone was inundated with calls from concerned family and friends. Each call she answered seemed to be quickly followed by another.

The sad news was that her stepfather, Jason McConnell, 41, was shot while performing his duties as a security guard at the Klymax Lounge at 4242 Indiana Ave.

The Chancellor rushed to the scene, where a chaotic scene unfolded with a multitude of police and club attendees gathering in the area.

Parking her vehicle a few blocks away, she sprinted towards Klymax. Gathering information from clubgoers in attendance, Chancellor received the devastating news that his stepfather, who was working security at the entrance that evening, was among three people who tragically lost their lives in the shooting .

Additionally, two other people were injured as a result of the incident.

According to eyewitnesses at the scene, individuals in the crowd informed Chancellor that popular local rapper Nutty Still Gassin’ had just finished his performance and was leaving the club when the shooting occurred.

Although Kansas City police did not release the identities of the victims involved in the incident, those present at the club knew McConnell due to his kind nature and ability to engage with anyone.

The Chancellor described him as a versatile person who has worked in a variety of jobs around the area, including as security staff at Klymax, serving at a Waffle House and running a Cricket Wireless store.

The circumstances surrounding the nightclub shooting remained unclear on Sunday morning. Officer Donna Drake, spokeswoman for the Kansas City Police Department, said officers were called to the scene around 1:25 a.m. in response to the shooting.

Tragically, two people were pronounced dead at the scene, while another succumbed to his injuries shortly after being taken to hospital. In addition, two other people were injured in the incident, one in critical condition and the other in stable condition in hospital.

Given certain criteria, the shooting could potentially qualify as a mass shooting.

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