Jamie Bradley-Brun murdered Mackaya Bradley-Brun: MPs

Jamie Michele Bradley-Brun drowned her 6-year-old daughter and attempted to drown an 8-year-old child, deputies have said. The survivor’s call for help alerted others at the residence, investigators said. (Mugshot: Beaufort County Detention Center)

A woman drowned her 6-year-old daughter and attempted to do the same with an 8-year-old, but the survivor’s call for help alerted others at the residence, county deputies say. Beaufort, South Carolina. Investigators have identified the accused as 37-year-old Jamie Michele Bradley-Brun. She is charged with murder and attempted murder.

At around 1:25 a.m. Friday, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office responded to an address on Sam Doyle Driver in Saint Helena Island, South Carolina. Deputies said they arrived and immediately arrested Brun, citing information they received from the dispatch.

They discovered Mackaya Bradley-Brun, 6, dead.

“The morning inquest revealed that Jamie Michele Bradley-Brun most likely drowned the six-year-old,” they wrote. “Following this, Bradley-Brun then attempted to drown an eight-year-old child. A call for help from the eight-year-old woke up others in the home who were able to step in and call 911 for help.

The Beaufort County coroner’s office was scheduled to perform an autopsy on Friday to officially determine Mackaya’s cause of death.

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“The investigation is ongoing,” the deputies wrote. “The South Carolina Division of Law Enforcement Special Victims Unit – Department of Child Deaths is working alongside the Sheriff’s Office in this investigation.”

Bradley-Brun is currently locked up without bail at the Beaufort County Detention Center

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