James Krauseneck dies in prison, conviction must be overturned

James Krauseneck dies in prison, conviction must be overturned

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James Krauseneck is convicted of second degree murder

James Krauseneck during his sentencing hearing (WROC screenshot)

James Krauseneck Jr., the 71-year-old New York man convicted of killing his wife with a single ax to the head more than 40 years ago, died in prison while appealing of his conviction.

Krauseneck’s death comes just months after a Monroe County jury in September 2022 found him guilty of one count of second-degree murder in the 1982 murder of 29-year-old Cathleen Krauseneck.

However, because Krauseneck had already begun to appeal his conviction and will not be able to complete the appeal process, his indictment and conviction for the murder of Cathleen Krauseneck will be vacated under state law, a common legal principle known as “ab initio reduction”. ”

Michael Wolford, Krauseneck’s defense attorney, reportedly confirmed to Rochester ABC affiliate WHAM-TV that Krauseneck was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in prison, which led to drastic weight loss and ultimately caused his death.

“I was satisfied that he was innocent on March 1, 1982, a few days after this murder, when I first met Jim and discussed this matter with him, so my opinion has no changed one iota, and I feel terrible. ended up that way,” Wolford reportedly told the station.

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