Is Ali Sethi Married? Who Is Pakistani Singer Ali’s Rumored Husband? Wedding Pics, Marriage Twitter

Is Ali Sethi Married? Who Is Pakistani Singer Ali’s Rumored Husband? Wedding Pics, Marriage Twitter

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Is Ali Sethi Married? Who is Pakistani Singer Ali’s rumored Husband? Ali Sethi is a Pakistani Singer along with being a Composer, Author, and Songwriter. He Song ” Pasoori” is the most-watched Coke Studio Music Video as of time on 8 August 2023.

In this article, you will know about Is Ali Sethi Married? Who is Pakistani Singer Ali’s rumored Husband? Wedding Pics, Marriage Twitter. 

Is Ali Sethi Married?

No, Ali Sethi is not a married man. The Pakistani “Pasoori” song singer is in the limelight and his fans are curious and constantly searching for his marital status, so we have decided to provide all the information we have in this blog.

As we mentioned above that Ali Sethi is an unmarried guy and till the time of writing this article he is not married to anyone.

Rumors are spreading all over the world that he is getting married but there is no authentic information available about his marriage our sources are working hard to get the information, and whenever we will get the information we will update it here. Will do that, so stay connected with us.

Who is Ali Sethi’s Husband?

Now, you must be wondering why are we covering Ali Sethi’s husband because on his official Wikipedia page, it is mentioned that he is gay and there are plenty of sources available on the web which claim that Ali Sethi is gay.

He is living in Pakistan (an Islamic country) where people are generally obsessed with homosexuality, so a lot of questions have been raised about whether Pakistani singer Ali Sethi is safe.

Since Thursday morning we noticed that there are many accounts on social media posting hashtags Ali Sethi, Najam Sethi, Pasuri, and LBGTQ+, we researched about it and people link Ali Sethi with Salman Toor.

Who is Ali Sethi’s rumored husband Salman Toor?

Salman Toor is a Pakistani-American painter and his works depict the fictional lives of youths of South Asian descent, displayed closely in fictional settings of South Asia or New York City.

Ali Sethi’s rumoured husband Salman Toor, is a Pakistani-American Artist.

Ali and Salman met each other during an art class at Aitchison College.

According to some reports, the Pasoori singer married Salman Toor but Ali has not confirmed this news.

Ali Toor married to Pakistani Born American Painter Salman Toor. Salman Toor was awarded a grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation in 2019.

Salman’s work is included in many museum collections as the Whitney Museum of American Art also the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Who is Pakistani Singer Ali's rumored Husband?
Ali Sethi with Salman

Ali Sethi Marriage Twitter

Pasoori Singer Ali Sethi married Salman Toor, according to some reports. Ali and Salman both are trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Twitteratis are claiming that Ali and Salman both artists are not only an alleged gay couple but have already tied the knot, which is illegal in Pakistan.

Thinking Kitty’ tweeted that Ali Sethi got married to Salman Toor yesterday and the Tweet has gone viral with many netizens left confused and also shocked.

Thinking Kitty Tweeted;

You won’t find proof. The occasion took place in NY. This is because I have connections to them.

Ali Sethi Wedding Pics

Pakistani singer Ali Sethi recently got married to longtime boyfriend Salman Toor. The first high-profile gay wedding involving a Pakistani celebrity is a huge and strange thing for people living in the country.

Ali is also recognized as a Pasoori singer. Salman Toor is a well-known painter by profession.

The rumored wedding took place in London. However, no official statement has been released nor has it been confirmed by the actor himself.

Ali Sethi has never confirmed that this news is real or rumored.

Are Mira Sethi and Ali Sethi related?

Yes, Ali Sethi is related to Mira Sethi. Mira Sethi is his sister, who is a well-known Pakistani actress and writer. She is also known as the daughter of journalists Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin.

Ali Sethi is now in the limelight because of a rumor, but we are not sure about it, because there is no official statement by Ali Sethi.

But many people are tweeting about his marriage. There is a rumor that the Pasoori singer Ali Sethi and Salman Toor got married.

His boyfriend/partner also said in an interview:

I knew I had found the person I wanted to be with for good.

Ali Sethi’s sister Mira Sethi was born on January 12, 1987, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. She is 36 years old as of 2023. Ali Sethi is 3 years elder than his sister, he is 39 years old.

Who is Ali Sethi dating?

Ali Sethi is dating Salman Toor. They met each other during an art class at Aitchison College.

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