In Manima, women were stripped and beaten by mai-mai militiamen for skirts “too short”

In Manima, women were stripped and beaten by mai-mai militiamen for skirts “too short”

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In Maniema Province, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the population is targeted by attacks by Mei-Mei Malaika militias originating from the region. Videos published on social networks since January 20 show these militia members flogging young girls, women and even men in Salambilla district. According to testimony, he reprimanded these women for wearing skirts that were too short.

This group of Mei-mai Malaika militiamen, led by a man named Sheikh Kabala Selemani, operates mainly in the area of ​​Kabambare, which also includes Salambilla District.

The videos surfaced on social networks on January 22, but the facts date back to late December and early January, according to evidence collected by our editorial staff, and took place in Machapano village, about 17 kilometers from the district. of Salambilla

In these images, four videos in total, we see militiamen armed with sticks dragging young girls and women to the ground, beating them and stripping them naked. In one of the videos, we see a man being held to the ground before being thrashed.

Due to the violent nature of the picture, we have decided to publish only screenshots.

Activists of the NGO “femmes leaders de la province du Manima” held a rally in the provincial capital Kindu on January 24, calling on Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi to accelerate the implementation of the “disarmament, demilitarization, community recovery and reintegration” program Gone. -S), is supposed to disarm armed groups and reintegrate them into society.

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