How to activate “Instagram mode” in your account?

Today we will let you know how you can activate the mode instagram in the famous WhatsApp application, so keep reading and above all take note so as not to miss any details about it.

As you may remember, WhatsApp renewed its quick messaging service and added a new feature in the “States” tab after the last update of its Beta program, we speak of “horizontal stories” as in the Instagram social network.

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However, the “States” section of WhatsApp has been redesigned and Aim He took the structure of Instagram as an example, no doubt it looks more organized and they will take advantage of the remaining space to be able to add other additional tools.

Previously, statuses were displayed in vertical orientation, the person’s full name appeared on the right, and the “Camera” and “Pencil” buttons appeared in the lower right corner, these have been removed.

First of all download the beta of whatsapp for android don’t worry we will tell you how to get it later now click on the tab called “States” and you will see the stories will be laid out horizontally like a carousel.

You will see the user’s profile picture and around it a green circle, under the contact’s name, but it won’t be complete if it doesn’t fit.

At the top right there are two options, the cross icon and the three dots: the first is to access the “camera” tool and the “Pencil” tool.

Thus you will publish photos, videos, texts, emojis or stickers in your statements; on the other hand, the second is to enter the options of the “State Privacy” and “Settings” of the application, and below there is an empty space where it is estimated that the WhatsApp newsletters will be added.

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