How Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh helped Prince Edward ‘get comfortable’ in his royal role

How Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh helped Prince Edward ‘get comfortable’ in his royal role

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Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh and Prince Edward have been married for 24 years after a low-key royal wedding in June 1999.

Royal expert Jennie Bond spoke about the couple’s relationship and how they helped each other change for the better.

Speaking of Sophie accepting Edward’s proposal and the offer to join the royal family, Jennie said she was ‘brave enough to become another royal bride’ after witnessing the divorces of Prince Charles and Princess Diana , Yorks and Princess Anne.

Jennie believes the age at which the couple said ‘yes’ meant they were ‘mature enough to know they were meant for each other’.

She added: “Sophie has always been a sweet and kind creature who goes about her job quietly, without fuss.

“She stayed true to herself, compassionate and low-key, and became almost like another daughter of the late Queen.”

The expert also felt that Sophie “won the admiration of the late Duke of Edinburgh”, and alongside the Queen, “there was obvious affection” for their son’s wife.

As for Edward, Jennie admitted that she “used to think [he] was a bit pompous,” but his recent public interactions and engagements indicate “that he’s become much more comfortable in his own skin,” which may have been helped by his wife.

She cited her attendance at Buckingham Palace earlier this year for the Duke of Edinburgh award.

Jennie said Edward was “much more confident in his role” and explained how he “is such a great performer, especially with children”.

The expert suggested the couple “have a very secure marriage” and “support each other in everything they do”.

“They are also absolutely devoted parents to Lady Louise and James,” she told OK! magazine.

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