Hi-Fi Rush: The Wonder of Bethesda and Microsoft Is “A Dream Game” for Its Creator!

Hi-Fi Rush: The Wonder of Bethesda and Microsoft Is “A Dream Game” for Its Creator!

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sports news Hi-Fi Rush: The Wonder of Bethesda and Microsoft Is “A Dream Game” for Its Creator!

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Announced as a surprise and published in Stride on January 24th, Hi-Fi Rush caused a sensation after its presentation during Microsoft_Direct. The game from Tango Gameworks is a true “dream game” for its creator, a project that he wanted to realize for many years.


  • A project older than it seems
  • a dream game

A project older than it seems

This is the big surprise of the beginning of this year: Bethesda and Microsoft just published hi-fi rush, one of a kind beat’em up, mixing action and rhythm with a colorful universe all in cel-shading. This little nugget has had its own little impact and once again represents a huge distinction for Microsoft.

Integrated directly into the Game Pass offering, Hi-Fi Rush’s fate could have been completely different according to statements from its producer and director John Johannes.In a recent interview, the director who worked at Tango Gameworks says the project was originally pitched long before Bethesda was bought by Microsoft in 2017.

It was like 2017. I know people say “Oh, you did that for Game Pass” but that was a long time ago (Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda). – John Johannes.

Hi-Fi Rush: Surprises from Bethesda and Microsoft

a dream game

For John Johannes, Hi-Fi Rush is a dream project, almost a miracle according to him. For good reason, not only does the title have a lot to do with Bethesda DNA, but Tango also moves away from the usual productions of Gameworks, known for terrifying games like The Evil Within or Ghostwire Tokyo.

It’s one of those dream games (…) that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I had just finished working on The Evil Within 2, and we (Tango Gameworks) had already made two horror games in a row. We knew that Ghostwire Tokyo was in production; That was the next game we were going to do. And all of a sudden I was like, what if I pitch it? (…) It was the “least Bethesda” game I could imagine, and it was going to be a real journey… but I had the idea.

A risky bet, but profitable since Hi-Fi Rush is currently a hit on Steam, beating out the big releases of the moment. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft still has surprise releases in store for us in the future, but it looks like the approach has paid off.


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