Here’s What Happens When Anyone Meets a Loggerhead Shrike

Here’s What Happens When Anyone Meets a Loggerhead Shrike

according to research by professor roger
ulrich the view through a window can
facilitate recovery from surgery
patients with nature window views were
released from the hospital faster and
had fewer complications trees reduce
stress relieve pain and help you relax
until you look at the branch and see

Step by step approach

this what if i tell you this small bird
that looks like a sparrow is in no way
inferior to eagles and owls the
loggerhead strike is also known as a
butcher bird although it looks like a
companion to some disney princess but
don’t let the looks deceive you the menu
of this bird includes insects arachnids
amphibians reptiles small rodents and
even young birds of other species seeing
potential prey the loggerhead strike
swoops down on it like an eagle hold on
an eagle seriously this baby yes
sometimes strikes grow up to 10 inches
but that’s still very small just look at
them usually predators have powerful
wings to carry heavy loads and sharp
strong claws to catch their prey add the
beak and you get a real killing machine
meanwhile loggerhead strike got the feet
of a sparrow they’re only good for
sitting gracefully on a branch their
wings also don’t look like powerful
lifting mechanisms of course evolution
gave loggerhead shrikes hooked beaks but
compared to the beaks of eagles they
look like mockery and when i say
loggerhead strikes feet are only good
for sitting on branches i mean it as
soon as the birds land on a branch or
some kind of wire their feet are
automatically locked to prevent falling
in addition their feet usually don’t
feel anything birds need that to be able
to sit on cold surfaces try grabbing a
metal handrail outside in wintertime and
you’ll understand why loggerhead shrikes
prefer to get rid of the feeling hey i
told you to grab it with your hand do
not try to lick it

Steps taken are like big Move

it would seem that with skills like that
the loggerhead strikes should have
switched to a diet of berries seeds and
small bugs but they did not give up and
came up with quite a gory way of hunting
since nature has not given the strikes
strong enough feet wings and beak they
use tools like thorns i’m not even sure
i can explain how it works without
violating the youtube policies well can
you imagine a kabob
it works the same way it’s much more
convenient to eat prey from a thorn also
you can leave it there like in a pantry
and then go back and finish your meal
and just when you think things can’t get
any more frightening the shrikes say ha
because these cute birds use the kebab
technique not only to make prey easier
to eat sometimes even not very big prey
ends up on the thorns if the loggerhead
shrike needs to remove toxins from it
it’s simple grasshoppers live somewhere
in a field that humans have treated
against pests which means they carry
some of the toxin on themselves as well
trikes are smart enough to realize this
but if you leave the grasshopper in the
sun and let it dry for a while then the
toxin will no longer be dangerous so how
long should i dry them i know i
shouldn’t have skipped grasshopper
studies and you know what the sun can
really destroy toxins researchers from
two american labs are working on using
sunlight to break down harmful compounds
such as dioxins these substances appear
for a number of reasons but mainly due
to the uncontrolled burning of waste
they end up everywhere from soil to food
plants and air only recently if
scientists figured out how to use the
sun to solve this issue
and it looks like it really works to be
honest i felt i was a little dumber than
a bird when i found this out on the
other hand i don’t eat grasshoppers so
but i don’t think shrikes are
re-enacting forest horror scenes just
for the sake of food nature probably
thought that was too cruel and so
shrikes began to use thorns to court the
ladies the approach is the same males
make several kebabs and attract females
whoever did it better is a winner i
agree a dead mouse on a spit doesn’t
look like the perfect gift on a romantic
date by human standards animals are
generally not very good at surprises and
bring all sorts of nonsense better not
invite a male scorpion to your birthday
it’ll give you a drop of his saliva
penguins will bring you stones crickets
pieces of their own wings what about
half-eaten insects well the best gift
ever nursery web spiders went to even
greater extremes according to the spider
tradition they should give the female a
delicious gift but sometimes the males
use deception instead of prey they bring
worthless stuff like pieces of flowers
cotton inedible leftovers from the
insects they ate moreover worthless
gifts are usually wrapped in more layers
of silk than ordinary ones and this
leads to an obvious idea the spiders
clearly know what they’re doing they
deliberately use decoys and try to
disguise them as best they can well in
the end the female will still find out
the truth but during the short period
when she’s busy unpacking the gifts she
thinks this mail is just perfect for her
please let it be a playstation please
let it be a playstation a stone again
can’t i find a real man anymore these
days what the strike’s gifts don’t seem
so weird anymore do they moreover the
birds also put in some effort to prepare
them before turning its prey into a gift
kebab the shrike shakes it vigorously
remember the woodpeckers who put their
brains under enormous stress shrikes are
not like that yet but in order to
immobilize or even kill large enough
prey they have to arrange a roller
coaster for them well almost the birds
grab the mice by the neck with their
sharp beak pinch the spinal cord to
induce paralysis and then shake them
they do it with a force that reaches
about 6 g coincidentally this is usually
the highest allowed g-force on the rides
do you remember this moment when you’re
suddenly pushed into a chair the
stronger this feeling the stronger the
overloads but they should last no longer
than a couple of seconds these are
safety requirements so that people stay
alive after the roller coaster ride good
thing roller coasters aren’t run by
however despite all the safety measures
people still black out on the rides
there’s still no statistics on that but
what’s happening can be explained from a
medical point of view due to high
g-force when a person is pushed into a
chair the blood does not have enough
time to get to the brain which means it
doesn’t receive enough oxygen and the
best thing the brain can do in this
situation is to go into sleep mode for a
few seconds sometimes it just affects
vision sometimes a person passes out but
have you ever wondered why this is
happening at all well as for the
internal structure of the body
everything is clear blood oxygen all
that stuff but what about evolution
passing out looks like a death sentence
in the wild imagine if i don’t know an
antelope chased by a lion acted this way
he would hardly think oh no she’s
unconscious i’ll look for something else
for lunch so what’s the reason the most
common type of syncope is vasovagal it
occurs as a reaction of the body to
emotional or physical stress for example
when you see something unpleasant passed
out when you saw blood this is also a
vasovagal cinco and humans seem to have
developed it as a defense against other
humans in the paleolithic era ancient
people were always fighting each other
and the most common cause of death was a
wound caused by a sharp object
scientists believe that women and
children simply could not escape from
enemy warriors so they developed such a
weird reaction they began to pass out
from fear or at the sight of blood
unwittingly pretending to be dead seems
like it worked turning into a survival
mechanism otherwise modern people would
simply not know how to pass out she’s
dead for the fifth time this week it’s
kind of weird it’s okay steve let’s go
invent the wheel okay unlike humans
animals can’t experience vasso ago
Cinco and this is understandable as i
already said predators will not abandon
prey that is suddenly passed out which
is why there are other defenses
mechanisms in the wild when the prey
can’t escape for some reason it becomes
sort of stunned but it has nothing to do
with fainting, it’s just staying immobile
for the sake of survival many predators
who track down their prey react to
movement and since lunch does not move
this is not lunch anymore so they keep
looking at the same time staying
immobile can be a reaction to extreme
fear and some predators have learned to
use it snowy owls which are supposed to
be less successful hunters on moonlit
nights scare rodents with bright light
reflected from their plumage this fear
has been tested in the lab and yes the
The brighter the light the stronger the fear
and the longer the animals remain still
as if they’re stunned but often they
freeze too late owls have time to see
and hear them all that’s left is to
attack loggerhead shrikes hunt in
daylight and look harmless but they
pounce on their prey like falcons and
know how to stun it like owls and even
learn to use tools instead of sharp
claws we’re talking about a small weak
bird with a beautiful singing voice how
did it even manage to evolve this way
well i have an answer you’re not you and
you’re hungry see you later

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