Herbivores That Will Destroy Carnivores

Herbivores That Will Destroy Carnivores

so far no one could change how the food
chain works during the entire existence
of life on the planet herbivores eat
plants predators eat herbivores and then
turn into fertilizer for fresh grass
when they die but there are herbivores
that can throw predators down from the
top how let’s find out
on the left you can see the mouth of a
lion on the right the mouth of a monkey
hardly anyone will be surprised if i say
lions are simply born to kill their
entire body is designed to make them
perfect hunters as for the primates you
can’t really say this about them or
maybe the monkeys simply do not realize
what they are capable of to understand
just how badly we underestimate primates
let’s make a simple comparison gorilla
versus lion the largest modern primate
against the king of beasts the vast
majority of gorillas are herbivores
whereas lions are carnivores at the same
time gorillas can weigh more than 440
pounds compared to lions who weigh only
about 440 pounds lions have been known
to take down prey up to 990 pounds while
gorillas well they feed on plants that
generally don’t fight back the same time
primates have very powerful jaws and
strong teeth which are necessary for
grinding up branches and bark you cannot
eat food like that without growing
strong teeth yes a gorilla bite is less
strong than that of a lion but we’re not
done yet gorillas have a thick coat
designed to protect them from a cold
climate but it can also protect them
from shallow strikes or bites it’s
something like the armor that evolution
gave gorillas just so they would not get
cold lions have little to show in this
regard except perhaps their mane but
most importantly gorillas are incredibly
strong seriously have you ever seen
their arms on average a gorilla is
between four to nine times the strength
of a human to give you an idea of what
it looks like here’s a simple example
they can lift up to
760 pounds and effectively throw with
nearly 990 pounds of force that is one
gorilla can lift a whole bunch of lions
okay okay i think rhinos could do it too
but that doesn’t make them cooler than
predators right perhaps but gorillas
have other advantages aside from
strength they have stamina which lions
clearly lack they run well only in short
sprints get tired quickly need rest but
you must admit this sounds a little
weird i mean we’re comparing a predator
and a big ape that feeds on well leaves
how can you get strong and buff with a
diet like that well first of all the
answer lies in heredity their genes as
well as the structure of their bones
allow their bodies especially their arms
to be strong enough to survive in the
harsh jungle environment in addition
gorillas walk on four limbs swing on
branches and put their bodies through
other physical stress they can also
digest cellulose that is they use plant
fibers completely other herbivores
simply can’t do that so gorillas have
strong teeth strong muscles stamina
thick hair and intelligence as a bonus
looks like that’s all you need to kick
predators from the top of the food chain
but herbivores including gorillas are in
no rush to swap places for example with
lions why though maybe the reason is
that animal behavior is simply hardwired
by nature a serious event must happen
for an herbivore to become a predator
more serious than just knowing that
you’re stronger than the lion hey
here’s a simple example according to
evolutionary psychology for a while
early animals that inhabited our planet
did not have time to respond to all
threats in time to prevent them from
dying out nature gave them the
opportunity to flee without thinking
about it it kind of added a basic
we can say that now herbivores don’t
decide whether to flee from predators or
fight back they act almost on instinct
and if your life is on the line you
usually don’t fight back when you’re
rescued even if you do it yourself all
this was supposed to save herbivores
from certain debt well at least in most
cases but the thing is some of them are
more than capable of fighting back
predators that hunt them these
herbivores are slightly stronger i’m not
talking about gorillas now they don’t
encounter lions in the wild which means
they won’t pick a fight with each other
but when it comes to the african
buffaloes they’re called the natural
enemies of lions for a reason it’s
believed they took more lion lives than
any other animal in a one-on-one battle
wildcats simply stand no chance
buffaloes weigh about three to four
times more than lions and have extremely
thick and dense ribs that work almost
like armor they protect the chest and
organs from sharp teeth and claws in
addition buffaloes are aggressive
animals that don’t give up without a
fight using its massively thick neck
head and horns the african buffalo can
toss the attacking lions several dozen
feet through the air these animals also
always help each other out and as soon
as a predator attacks one buffalo the
rest will immediately step in no wonder
that lions sometimes have to climb trees
to stay safe but this doesn’t always
help an angry buffalo is ready to wait
several hours underneath the tree to get
its revenge despite all this sometimes
the african buffaloes still run away
from the lions is it due to a triggered
instinct or some subconscious fear in
terms of logic this is completely
pointless because buffaloes could
completely exterminate the lions if they
want it which wouldn’t work for zebras
they hardly have a chance to take down
at least one pride but still sometimes
something switches in the head and
okay zebras are a different story but i
wasn’t kidding if buffalo’s realized how
much stronger they are than the
predators attacking them and joined
forces the lions would not survive this
war see for yourself today there are
about 500 000 buffaloes and only about
20 000 lions in africa given that
predators can only kill one buffalo if
they attack together they stand no
chance it’s a guaranteed extinction what
happens if the buffaloes win let’s say
they got rid of all the predators that
could possibly harm them will their life
become like heaven well not really
basically buffaloes for the plants are
like lions that is while the herbivores
were busy fighting the predators the
plants fought the herbivores the buffalo
might share the same fate as lions you
just have to wait plants have come a
long way to become as diverse as they
are today to be honest at first they all
look like moths see it’s an oak tree and
this is a pine tree and that’s a baobab
but over time plants like everything
else on this planet went through changes
there are several theories why this
happened many studies confirm plants
struggled with each other in order to
get more light they grew upwards to
extract useful substances from the earth
they grew roots however there is another
theory which also makes sense the plants
have become taller and stronger to avoid
being eaten let me give you a simple
example if you’re a thin young tree
there’s a high chance that some deer
will stumble upon you and gnaw off all
the leaves and even break the trunk it’s
hardly pleasant but this same deer could
hardly handle a huge oak tree he just
won’t reach the ground i wouldn’t be
surprised to find out that trees that
grew during the time of the dinosaurs
did that giant sequoias can grow up to
330 feet tall it’s possible they’ve
grown so tall to stay safe from
dinosaurs and most likely they achieved
their goal
argentinosaurus is considered one of the
largest ancient dinosaurs which remains
have been discovered according to some
estimates its length could reach 130
feet but even if this giant stood on its
tail it still wouldn’t reach the top of
a huge tree score one for the plants and
zero for the animals and by the way
dinosaurs went extinct while sequoias
are still there but plants must not win
this battle not because i don’t like
them for some reason it’s just that the
last time when there were too many
plants it had consequences for the
entire planet literally about 470
million years ago the first plants
appeared on earth it was mainly moss and
the like and 35 million years later ice
sheets briefly covered most of the
planet a mass extinction ensued
coincidence could be but then carbon
dioxide levels probably fell sharply the
researchers believed the plants were to
blame and that makes sense simply put it
turns out that carbon dioxide warms up
the planet but plants absorb it to
produce oxygen do you understand what
had happened if too many plants appeared
in a short span
based on the data available to
scientists it’s not the last ice age
caused by moss researchers already
suspect that the rise of vascular plants
during the devonian period that is about
100 million years later triggered
another ice age so having many trees is
of course healthy and beneficial for the
earth but all in good measure nobody
wants to fight for the planet with
creatures that can cause global cooling
see you later

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