Her father suffocated her while she slept… Blogger murder ignites Iraq

Anger in Iraqi circles has not subsided since Wednesday night, following the announcement of the death of blogger Taiba al-Ali, by suffocation at the hands of her father, especially after more details of the crime were revealed.

The young woman was strangled to death by her father, after returning to the country, when she came from Turkey to participate in the 25th Gulf Championship, where the father strangled his daughter to death.

Her mother lured her and her father killed her

The victim fled to Turkey some time ago due to problems with her family and it turned out that she was about to marry a young Syrian man named Muhammad al-Shami, but her family refused the case even though they had approved it in the beginning.

Then she settled in Istanbul, but she returned to Iraq at the request of her mother.

Since her arrival, she has received numerous death threats, which she announced via her Instagram account and appealed to the security authorities to protect her, to no avail.

A security source said the killer’s father surrendered to authorities and confessed to his crime, sparking Iraqi anger as the crime took place despite numerous pleas for help from the girl and was spread via social media.

Before the crime, the hashtag “Protect_Tebah” circulated widely on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

new crime

It is noteworthy that the organization “Aisen” for human rights and sustainable development in Iraq had commented on the incident, considering that the killing of Taiba al-Ali is a new crime under the name of “false honor”.

The organization added that Taiba Al-Ali came to Iraq to participate in the 25th Gulf Championship, and since her entry into Iraq, she has been threatened several times by her family.

The organization also made it clear that the late victim confirmed these threats through several appeals, which she repeatedly posted on her Instagram account.

The organization pointed out that the girl was killed by her father by strangling her while she was sleeping, after forcibly transferring her from Baghdad to Diwaniyah Governorate.

Notably, the name “Tiba Al-Ali” and her images became the talk of social media users who expressed sadness and anger at what the young woman was subjected to, amid calls for accountability for the perpetrators and the passage of laws protecting women and girls from domestic violence.

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