Harrison Boon – Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Job, Parents, Height, Wiki

Harrison Boon – Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Job, Parents, Height, Wiki

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Harrison Boon is an australian builder And reality tv personality. He is famous for being one of 20 participants in the Married to First Sight Australia 2023 Season 10. A participant in the show, he wrote on his Instagram “Leaving my single life behind me to try love, wish me luck!”. Currently, Harrison is married to Bronte Schofield whom he met on the MAFS show.

Before, Harrison Boon came on the show, “Married at first sight“, he is a construction worker. On the MAFS, he has been surrounded by controversy since the very first episode of the season when he came out at the wedding that he had a ‘secret girlfriend’.

Who are Harrison Boon’s parents?

Harrison Boon was born by his parents in 1990. His birthplace is Australia. In 2023, the TV star celebrated her 33rd birthday. He’s from Australian nationality and he belongs to the Australian-White ethnic group. He is his father’s son, Steve Boonand his mother, Noni Boun. Harrison has two siblings whom he grew up with.

His parents have been married for 33 years. On their 33rd birthday, August 19, 2022, her mother posted on IG: “33 years choosing each other for now and for eternity. The story continues and the chapters unfold and throughout this time, we feel blessed to be alive and grateful to be loved.” He is very close to his parents. Her father turned 65 on October 8, 2022. Her mother, Noni, is a successful speaker, writer, and coach.

What does Harrison Boon do for a living?

  • Harrison Boon is a construction worker from New South Wales. He also works as an adult artist under the name “Bowtieboys”.
  • He shot to fame after appearing on Season 10 of Married at First Sight Australian 2023. MAFS began airing on Monday, January 30, 2023 on Nine Network.

Who is Harrison Boon’s wife?

Harrison Boon is a married man as far as his marital status is concerned. He tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Bronte Schofield. Bronte is an online beauty educator from Western Australia. Harrison and Bronte each first met on the show “Married at First Sight.” The duo were one of the first couples to say their “YES” in MAFS Australia 2023. On their wedding day, the couple were drawn to each other at first sight. “Everything changed for me the moment we met,” Harrison said. “I had all these options, and I chose you out of all of them.” He confessed: “I was attracted to Bronte when I first met her”. Their wedding seemed like a perfect event, with the bride and groom displaying immediate chemistry as they exchanged their vows. Bronte said, “I believe marriage is built on trust and strength and nothing is worth taking. When two people are one, anything is possible”.

Harrison Boon and his wife, Bronte Schofield

There was speculation that Harrison was dating someone before joining MAFS and being paired with Bronte Schofield. He said: “I’m single in Sydney…I didn’t know if it was going to be a week, a month, the whole experience. I’m not in a relationship with anyone, they’re just the people I see.” “I was seeing several women before I got to this. I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t,” he said. Harrison’s days of being single are over and he assured Bronte that he takes marriage seriously. However, Bronte was unconvinced. So the question is, are the newlyweds still together or not? Harrison’s Facebook relationship status confirms that he is single. But the exact answer to the question will come in the near future.

Scrolling through his Instagram profile, Harrison Boon is the father of his son, August Boon. August Boon was born on June 22, 2019. Details about August Boon’s mother are yet to be revealed.

Apart from that, wild footage of Harrison has surfaced online where he was performing a hot dance and simulating sexual acts on a woman. Harrison, who moonlights as a stripper, is seen giving the woman a lap dance to the tune of Ginuwine’s Pony, in a tribute to the 2012 stripper film MagicMike. The video, posted to the MAFS Gossip Instagram detective account, begins with Harrison sitting on the woman’s lap as he proceeds to rip off his white shirt, exposing his muscular frame and bulging biceps.

What is Harrison Boon net worth?

Harrison Boon is a television personality and builder through work. He came into the public spotlight after joining the MAFS show. His main source of wealth comes from the entertainment industry and builder career.

Harrison Boon has an estimated net worth of $500,000 from 2023 while his annual salary is in thousands of dollars of his professional career. He currently leads a modest and comfortable life.

How tall is Harrison Boon?

Harrison Boon is a handsome man with a charming personality that attracts a lot of people to him. He has a pair of hazel green eyes and his hair color is light brown. He has an athletic body with a beaming face.

Harrison is over 6 feet 3 inches tall. In April 2017 he said: “For a brief moment. I was Australia’s tallest man”. He has an average body weight. He maintains his body a lot by exercising frequently and he has a healthy body as of now.

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