GOP lawmaker talks about free lunch for hungry kids: It’s not our problem

GOP lawmaker talks about free lunch for hungry kids: It’s not our problem

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I’m starting to see a trend among Republicans lately with kids getting free lunches at school; they do not care. But if a ten-year-old girl is impregnated by her rapist, she should be forced to give birth without knowing how to care for her or feed her and she is too young to work. I’m going to go out on a limb here to suggest they’re hypocrites.

We reported that Republican Minnesota State Senator Steve Drazkowski said earlier this month that they shouldn’t pass the bill for a free lunch for school kids because “I didn’t haven’t met a hungry person in Minnesota yet.”

And then there was millionaire Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire who said, “School lunches won’t seriously solve the problem of child hunger,” adding, “It doesn’t take that much money to feed a child.

Now we have North Dakota State Senator Mike Wobbema also jumping on the mic to attack the poor.

“I can understand kids being hungry, but is that really the school district’s problem?” He asked. “Is this the state of North Dakota’s problem? It’s really the problem of parents being negligent with their children, if their children choose to eat in the first place.”

It’s so insulting. Aren’t children supposed to “choose to eat”? He says it’s the parents’ fault, so let’s not feed starving children so they can be better students and grow up to be tax-paying contributors to society. And maybe the parent is out of work and trying to find a job. He said Republicans are the party of “personal responsibility,” but their reaction to the Jan. 6 uprising refutes that.

Well, let’s talk about Wobbema’s parents. It’s their fault that he’s irretrievable shit. It works both ways.

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