GOP candidate trashes Trump – on Newsmax!

GOP candidate trashes Trump – on Newsmax!

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Former Republican Mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island, Steve Laffey, attacked Trump on Newsmax after his recent indictments by the special counsel, saying they were “damning”.

The Newsmax host referred to the hit audio unearthed by CNN where Trump admits he didn’t declassify top secret documents he was showing Mark Meadows ghostwriter.

“Does this undermine the president’s claim that he declassified all of these documents before leaving office?” He asked.

Laffey replied, “It’s overwhelming. And I think he’s going to go to jail for a long time.”

Laffee threw his hat in the ring for the Republican nomination, going the Chris Christie route there. He launched into a tirade against Trump that you rarely, if ever, hear about Trump on NewsmaxTV.

His reactions to this show his narcissism.

And by the way, who is laughing with him about secret documents?

In the end, who gets the Cokes?

It’s all gotten to the point now where it’s my party and the reaction of other presidential candidates is weird.

They want to forgive him.

They don’t want, you know, Trump calling Jack Smith crazy.

Jack Smith is anything but deranged.

He has just returned from The Hague.

He put murderers in jail.

I wouldn’t want to face the guy.

Trump needs to get out of the race and get out now so we can focus on the real issues in America.

He is right. All other Republican candidates are terrified of the MAGA cult. Truth and honesty no longer applies to the Christofascists who run the GOP. They threw all their morals and character into the incinerator to protect a garbage man like Trump.

Laffey made these comments on more mainstream media, but it was surprising to hear it on Newsmax.

How long before Trump destroys his pro-Trump Newsmax channel for posting opinions other than his own?