Google engineer found out she was fired while on vacation when her boss sent her a LinkedIn message

Google engineer found out she was fired while on vacation when her boss sent her a LinkedIn message

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  • A former Google engineer told Insider she was fired while on vacation with her family.
  • She learned of her dismissal via a LinkedIn message from her manager.
  • The company cut benefits and increased work pressure in the months leading up to the layoffs, she said.

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A five-year-old Google engineer said she found out she was fired while on vacation after receiving a LinkedIn message from her manager.

The former employee – who asked to remain anonymous because she feared speaking to the media could harm her future job prospects – said she was on holiday with her family and had not consulted any of his work emails.

Your identity and your termination by Google have been verified by Insider.

“I had friends who texted me while checking in, but I figured they just wanted to know how my vacation was going,” she told Insider in an interview. “It didn’t occur to me that they wanted to see if I had been fired or not. Nobody told me it happened, I just didn’t know.

The engineer said she finally checked one of her two personal emails when she realized her manager had messaged her on LinkedIn.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ There’s no reason for him to try to reach me on LinkedIn,” she said. “Why don’t you email me or chat? other ways to reach me.

“So I knew straight away. My heart just sank when I saw that.

Her manager apologized in the message he sent her and told her she had been fired, she said. The manager said he had no other way to contact her, and his resignation was sent at 5 a.m. to her second personal email, which she rarely checks.

Insider checked out a copy of the layoff notice she received.

“It was like a whirlwind of emotions because I just couldn’t reach anyone,” she said. “Also, it was really difficult that it wasn’t on your terms and it happened abruptly, with no closure or explanation.”

She added, “I think it’s hard to spend so much time and energy building something for someone else and monetizing it with your work, just to get pushed around and let go.”

She was among 12,000 people laid off by Google as part of a major cost-cutting initiative by the tech giant. CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to employees on January 20, announcing that employees around the world were being laid off in various departments and functions.

The former employee told Insider that “even before the layoffs, due to reduced benefits and increased pressure to perform, morale was very low,” so she had no plans to stay longer. in the business.

However, the tech giant’s handling of the layoffs was “terrible”.

“I know it’s hard to do a layoff of this magnitude, but I really believe they could have found a better way to at least give people some dignity and attention,” she said.

She said she heard that a current employee who avoided layoffs later quit because he was upset with the company’s handling of the matter.

“People are really upset about how it happened and I think everyone, even the top performers, are really nervous afterwards,” she added.


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