Georgina Rodriguez’s curious request for the renovation of the Madrid house she shares with Cristiano Ronaldo »

Georgina Rodriguez’s curious request for the renovation of the Madrid house she shares with Cristiano Ronaldo »

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Article—First Letter Highlighted”>JThe story of Georgina Rodriguez was brought to the world’s most famous streaming platform, Netflix, which spotted the potential of the model and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo as well as an attractive audience and the opportunity to show the most private and intimate The Spanish-Argentinian.

After the success of the first season of ‘I am Georgina’, the platform has launched the second installment of the series and hopes to have the same reception.

To this end, both the producer and Georgina Rodriguez she herself put a lot of effort into promoting the second season.

It was already clear from The trailer that this was going to be The most intimate season for The Supermodel, as she was going to deal with the subject of The loss of her newborn baby.

Georgina: The house was not made for us

However, there is another aspect of family life between Georgina Rodriguez And Cristiano Ronaldo and it is the renovation of their house in Madrid.

According to the model, the house was not family enough for the children she has with the Portuguese player. That’s why they renovate.

The Buenos Aires-born model personally oversees the progress of the renovation of her home in the Spanish capital.


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“I decided to renovate La maison famille because it was not at all suited to the kind of family we are and it was not made for us. Rodriguez declared.

“I think every house is personal and the house was not made for the big family that we are.”

Georgina had certain requirements for her bathroom

The 29-year-old chooses the materials personally and prefers not to leave this task to someone she trusts, because she herself keeps a close eye on all the work in progress in her house.

Aspects such as the exterior and the rooms are Georginawas , and she had specific demands for her bathrooms.

“In my bathroom, I want a bidet,” she explained, referring to her most intimate hygiene procedure.

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