Games Shortage, Layoffs, Hi-Fi Rush, Forza, Xbox Boss Responds!  ,  Xbox one

Games Shortage, Layoffs, Hi-Fi Rush, Forza, Xbox Boss Responds! , Xbox one

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The day after Developer_Direct, Phil Spencer elaborated on this in a column for IGN. Several topics were addressed in the interview by Xbox boss Cat Bailey. The layoffs at Microsoft over the release of Forza Motorsport or the state of Xbox two years after the launch of the new generation of consoles, here’s what to remember.

“2022 was too light on sports”

Among the first points raised during the interview, it was specifically asked how Phil Spencer envisioned the year 2023, and how to create a positive dynamic that was too bad in a release for Xbox after a year 2022.

Xbox’s boss previously said that the sentiment was apparently quite different internally, as the teams know what’s going on behind the scenes and which games are in development; They also know what’s in store for the June Xbox Showcase. Nevertheless, he takes responsibility for the year 2022 being very bad for the brand:

Our commitment to our fans is that we must regularly release great games for people to play on our platform, and we haven’t done enough in 2022, there’s no doubt about it. And basically, it’s my fault. I am the head of the company.

The commitment to continue to deliver quality games for our customers is something that I take seriously, that the teams take seriously, and in the case of the 2022 Games was very light. So we’re excited to be able to go to 2023, to get developer direct. I loved the game we were showing. And then also knowing that Starfield is a game that we’ll be able to showcase in it’s own show and start 2023 off with a nice boost, as you said, I think we needed that.

Forza Motorsport will release well into 2023

Developer_Direct was an opportunity to reveal the release dates for Minecraft Legends and Redfall, but also marked the occasion with the surprise launch of Hi-Fi Rush. For Phil Spencer, it was important to show games, gameplay, and dates early in the year. If he says he’s happy to be able to launch Hi-Fi Rush, he also admits he’s hesitant to go ahead with release dates:

I’m hesitant to move forward with the launch, because I know there’s some fatigue, and rightfully so, about us in the community saying, “Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute. So that’s one reason Thought it was cool to be able to run Hi-Fi Rush during the show, to show that we could get more out of the game.

Many players were concerned and disappointed to see that Forza Motorsport didn’t have its release date right.

While Jeff Grubb yesterday mentioned a possible postponement of the title until the third quarter of 2023, Phil Spencer only confirmed that it was indeed a game planned for this year, wanting to be assured as to the quality of its launch. Without giving details about the period:

I know there have been questions about the date of Forza Motorsport because we only talked about the year 2023. Most importantly, most importantly, and we’ll give a date, no doubt when we’re a little closer to the release. But we just wanted to assure people that this is the 2023 Games.

2023 an important year for Xbox

Although this seems to be repeating itself for a while now, it seems more true than ever that the year 2023 will be pivotal for Microsoft. When Phil Spencer is asked where we are in the console generation and how things are going for Xbox, which seems to have seen a lot of upheaval, he replies:

As far as where we are at Xbox, I’m incredibly confident in our plan, the strategy we have in place, and the teams. Today itself we had a meeting with the entire team and we talked about the way forward. We’re in the entertainment industry, and the entertainment industry is one built on successes that can’t always be predicted. As you said, we’re seeing it right now with Hi-Fi Rush. It’s a business that’s also driven by the hearts of people who love the things you make, and by being brave as an organization.

This team did things we didn’t expect from them, like Game Pass and xCloud. When I look at the games we’re making and the ambition we have for the platform, it gives me more and more confidence in the direction we’re going.

But what is certain is that the gaming arena is not for the faint-hearted, nor for teams that want to play it safe. I love the ambition of the Xbox team, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

“My commitment is to the company, customers and teams”

As we know, the Microsoft company is going through tough times and has recently announced 10,000 job losses in various sectors including Xbox. On the subject of the difficult period currently being experienced, he specifies:

As someone who’s been with Xbox for a very long time, it’s always a challenge when a colleague, a team member, won’t be around in the future. I take the impact on individuals to heart. I consider it my commitment and responsibility as a business leader to make this a safe place where people can do their best. Apparently we had drops for some of the guys there. That’s why I haven’t been completely successful at this stage.

When asked what assurance he can give fans and gamers that Xbox is on the right track, he replies:

My commitment is to the company, to the customers, to the teams. I think part of running a successful business is creating a stable place for our team members. Our long-term vision at Xbox is to build our experience around the gamer, to enable creators to create games that make the game accessible to gamers on any screen, and to give gamers different ways to build their libraries , whether it’s purchasing their games, subscribing to their games, things like xCloud and watching the work we do on PC. I firmly believe in this point of view.

It is certainly hoped that the situation can improve rapidly internally for those affected by the recent events.

Publicly, Microsoft and Xbox were able to enjoy a successful Developer_Direct, during which we were treated to reassuring information about upcoming games, as well as the surprise release of Hi-Fi Rush. Tango Gameworks’ game not only delights Xbox players, but also PC players via the Steam platform, on which it receives an overwhelmingly positive reception.

It goes without saying that we can’t wait to see what the firm has in store for us this year and if big games like Raidfall, Forza Motorsport and of course Starfield will live up to their promises.