Gal Gadot confirmed for ‘Wonder Woman’?  Funko Pop gives spoiler

Gal Gadot confirmed for ‘Wonder Woman’? Funko Pop gives spoiler

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There are hopes! Exciting information that could possibly be a spoiler was recently revealed about actress Gal Gadot’s involvement as Wonder Woman in the near future.

Recently, Funko Pop inadvertently confirmed the famed Israeli celebrity’s presence in the DCEU, giving the fan community some relief that she’ll appear in years to come as Wonder Woman.

Recently some of its upcoming releases have been leaked including Black Flash. Among the characters, the presence of the figure of Wonder Woman stood out, which could be an indirect confirmation of gal gadot to come back.

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And it is that as this is the adaptation of ‘Flashpoint’, the presence of Wonder Woman is assured and its relevance as the plot progresses, but there is always the possibility that her character be permanently eliminated.

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