From Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha to Jurm, Wahaj Ali continues to dominate our screens

From Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha to Jurm, Wahaj Ali continues to dominate our screens

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CARACHI: Wahaj Ali is not a new face when it comes to dramas and entertainment industry. He made his debut in 2015 with Ichq Ibadat but remained relatively underrated until he managed to win over audiences with his roles in Ishq Jalebi And Jo Bichar Gaye. But it looks like 2023 is Wahaj Ali’s year with four dramas, two in progress and two about to air, under his belt this year and each one shows him in a different type of role. Here’s a look at how Wahaj Ali dominates our screens.

Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha

To be fair, Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha does not do justice to Wahaj Ali and his acting talent. But even with little room for creativity, he manages to get audiences to sympathize with his character and be furious with his leading lady.

The scenario is as simple as possible. Saad (Wahaj Ali) loves his cousin Maheer (Hania Aamir). But Maheer loves Areeb (Zaviyaar Naumaan). Maheer’s mother supports her daughter’s interest in Areeb as he is everything she could have wished for her daughter, especially in terms of financial status. And Maheer is everything Areeb’s mother doesn’t want for her son.

A death, an absent groom and a marriage to save face is what leads Saad to marry the love of his life. Wahaj Ali successfully convinces the audience how much Saad loves Maheer. From the puppy eyes he constantly gave her in the early episodes, to the look of longing and despair on her face when he realized he had to let her go. Wahaj Ali also manages to rekindle the public’s hope that in dramas, men can be sweet and gentle partners too!

Tere Bin

Taking a 180 on Characters, Wahaj Ali Plays Murtasim in the Ongoing Drama Series Tere Bin. It is fair to say that most women in Pakistan consider naming their sons Murtasim after the performance of Wahaj Ali. The drama has managed to pull together everything that follows and it’s not just for the plot.

Wahaj Ali plays the role of a village chief who is what many would expect from men in such dramas. Aggressive, dominant, and trigger-happy, it’s ironic that he ends up marrying a woman who goes against everything he stands for. As terrible as his character begins, Murtasim develops a character arc and no one could have done it better than Wahaj Ali.

It’s not easy to let expressions do the talking in the absence of dialogue, but that’s exactly what Wahaj Ali does. A smoldering gaze can make us feel the anger emanating from him and in the next scene he can be used in hopes of melting away. Meerub's cold heart. And let’s not forget, it looks like Wahaj Ali has mastered the art of romance with his character in Tere Bin which has the audience wondering what’s wrong with Meerub for being so oblivious!


Pakistani dramas have long gone beyond the typical storylines and who better to star in such a drama than Wahaj Ali. The actor is set to star in a crime thriller called Jurm which is set to air on Geo Entertainment starting tonight.

The story stars Wahaj Ali and Durefishan Saleem in the lead roles. From teasers that feature a voiceover claiming, “In this world, we value the famous the most and therefore, the innocent are always marked as criminals,” we believe the two leads are a couple on the about to start a new life despite Durefishan’s character worrying about his partner’s past. But when tragedy strikes and secrets threaten to spill out, we can’t help but wonder, “Who is the real criminal?” Are they really criminals or are they portrayed as such?

22 Kadam

Launch on the new entertainment channel Green Entertainment, 22 Kadam is a sports-centric drama that stars Hareem Farooq and Wahaj Ali in the lead roles. To be fair, the drama focuses more on the plight of a woman who wants to do the unthinkable and be an athlete, it also shows how important it is to have the support of those close to you. This is where Wahaj Ali comes in.

While Hareem Farooq struggles to play cricket and convince others of her cricketing skills, Wahaj Ali’s character succeeds on the pitch. And rather than discourage her from her passion, he shows up there throughout her journey and supports her in every way possible. And if that’s not healthy, we don’t know what is! No one could have been more suitable for the role than Wahaj Ali!

Needless to say, with his various roles in each of the dramas, we are very excited to see more Wahaj Ali on our screens!