Fox Whines America ‘Quickly Becoming Communist Country’

Fox Whines America ‘Quickly Becoming Communist Country’

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Fox “news” hosts and their guests apparently still don’t understand what the definition of communism is. Trump’s right-wing enablers have been whining about his indictment and arrest in Georgia, carrying his water with complaints that this is all political, pretending Trump has done nothing wrong and that the Department of Justice has somehow been politicized.

This Sunday, Fox & Friends host Rachel Campos-Duffy brought on Republican activist, Xi Van Fleet, to opine about the arrest and accuse America of becoming a communist country. Here’s more on Van Fleet from Media Matters following an appearance on Fox where she was a member of a panel pretending to just be ordinary parents in Virginia:

Xi Van Fleet is activist affiliated with the conservative group Independent Women’s Forum, which spreads the claim that America today resembles Maoist China under the Cultural Revolution, an argument she repeated throughout the Fox & Friends panel, and which the network replayed during the America’s Newsroom segment. (For some important context, the Cultural Revolution was a violent period of political and economic turmoil that resulted in the deaths of up to two million people over the course of 10 years, according to estimates by some historians.)

This Sunday, Campos-Duffy simply described her as a “survivor of Mao’s China” before allowing Van Fleet to rant about how terrible it is that heaven forbid Trump is finally being held accountable for his crimes: Xi Van Fleet on Trump Mugshot: We’re Seeing A Repeat Of Mao’s Cultural Revolution In America Today:

XI VAN FLEET: I lived through the most brutal communist regime in China and I witnessed a lot, and now I recount one of the darkest moments I witnessed is the day when the former president of the United States was indicted and mugshot in Georgia prison. I have to say I think America is quickly becoming a communist country and our rule of law has been turned into what Marxists call proletarian dictatorship. The party in power is after its political opposition and it is not just the president, but people like activists are now in jail, as political prisoners in the free country of the United States.

Forget about Donald Trump, what is happening in America is that the party in power is abusing their power and going after any opposition, Now it is Donald Trump and MAGA, but eventually, it is everybody because a communist regime does not tolerate any opposition, any dissenting voice. So they are coming after all of us, including those who are cheering now for Trump’s indictment and think they are on the winning team. They are not. We all will become victims if we let them succeed.

I really have a word for everybody, including the conservatives: learn a little bit about history and about the Cultural Revolution. What’s happening here is a repeat. Only when people understand the history and the nature of what’s going on, will they wake up. We are dealing with communism, we are dealing with Marxism, who want to transform our country into a dictatorship.

More pure projection from the right. Every accusation is a confession.

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