Fox Host: Hunter Biden is a distraction

Fox Host: Hunter Biden is a distraction

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Fox regular Juan Williams accurately described what we see from Republicans with this Hunter Biden witch hunt. During this weekend’s panel segment Fox News Sundayafter first allowing corrupt and disgraced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to go on to say how corrupt the entire Biden family is supposed to be, and push Republicans’ latest list of unproven accusations , host Shannon Bream said this to Williams:

BREAM: Well, the Democrats on the Hill say there’s been a lot of bluster about those family relationships and the money, but they say so far nothing wrong has been proven. Now we have this letter from Senator Grassley, Congressman Comer, to the FBI and the DOJ saying this, based on the revelations of a highly credible whistleblower, it has come to our attention. The DOJ and FBI possess an unclassified FD-1023 form that describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national regarding the exchange of money for political decisions.

Juan, that’s an accusation. We have no idea what this form says.

Williams actually did a pretty decent job of brushing off this nonsense, much to the dismay of Gingrich and Bream:

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Right. I think you – you’re on the money, Shannon. And what Senator Grassley said, we don’t know — he doesn’t know whether it’s right or wrong. So what do we have here? We’ve got more innuendo, we’ve got more distractions, it seems to me, of Trump’s legal issues, which are all over the place but clearly we’re persuading the Republican Party to say, you know what, Biden, you got – you put your tax records for the last 25 years but, oh, Newt says millions have flowed – you know, we have no reason to say that.

But everything is done. We know Hunter Biden is a drug addict. We know he is an alcoholic. We know he had sex addiction issues. We know he’s not the son you would have. But Joe Biden acted like a father trying to protect his son and trying to help his son. I don’t think anyone will blame him.

But you compare it to bribery and scam for Trump golf courses, Trump hotels, Chinese shoe business with daughter, son-in-law receiving billions from Saudis. It’s incredible. Even this week you have to compare it to the issues we heard about in New York with a sexual assault case against Trump. But that’s what Hunter Biden has achieved now. He is a distraction, a shield against all the troubles Trump is going through.

After Gingrich continued to push right-wing talking points about Hunter Biden’s trade deals, Williams again reminded them of the double standard with the Trumps that Republicans all laughed at:

WILLIAMS: What does that mean? Is this an attack on – is this on a – you attack the president?


WILLIAMS: He’s not the president. He’s the son.

GINGRICH: No, I’m just saying, given your description of Hunter –

BREAM: But – but you were also talking about –

WILLIAMS: What I’m telling you is that nepotism is not a crime.

GINGRICH: Wait a second.

WILLIAMS: You look at nepotism in every president and everything in this family, but that’s not a crime.

BREAM: But, Juan, you – you raised the Trump family. So, is there a double standard here?

WILLIAMS: When I call the Trump family?

BREAM: Well, you’re saying that – look at Hunter Biden because –

WILLIAMS: What I know – I know – I don’t know – look, I think you have a son, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who could do trade deals. Newt describes this as millions flocking to the family. Kind of, you know, amorphous. But I know specifically that $2 billion went to Jared Kushner. No one is going to argue about it.

BREMEN: Okay. Were —

GINGRICH: But my only point is, if you listen to his description of Hunter, why would anyone invest in Hunter? They were investing in Joe.

By then Bream had pretty much everything she could take, admitted they didn’t know anything because they hadn’t seen any documents yet, and ended the segment. They really don’t like it over there when someone reminds the public that the Trumps are a bunch of crooks and the only nepotism or criminality they care about is when it involves someone with a D behind their name.

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