Florida Ethics Commission acquits Florida governor of unlawful conduct allegations |

Florida Ethics Commission acquits Florida governor of unlawful conduct allegations |

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A lawsuit filed by a Trump-allied super PAC accusing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) of breaking the law by using his state to raise money and seek a presidential race without announcing his candidacy has been dismissed by the Florida Ethics Commission.

The Make America Great Again Inc. PAC filed a lawsuit in March, accusing DeSantis of engaging in “unlawful conduct” by using his friends at Ron DeSantis PAC to raise money in the early months of 2023, although it had not yet announced a managed White House. In a 12-page report released last week, the Florida commission refuted those claims, concluding that MAGA Inc. had not named any particular allegations that were illegal.

According to the findings of the ethics committee, according to the document acquired by Fox News, “the complaint does not factually, substantially and inconclusively demonstrate that [DeSantis] solicited or accepted anything on the understanding that it would influence an official decision associated with his or her public office.” “The complaint alleges specific actions taken by other organizations to support [DeSantis’] early presidential campaign, but never once expressly alleges that [DeSantis] and these organizations have an agreement or understanding, or that [DeSantis] has conditionally taken public action on any donation, contribution, gift or other thing of value,” the complaint reads.

Using his “personally lucrative book tour” to woo voters, the organization accused DeSantis of potentially breaking state law and said the governor was most likely taking the opportunity to solicit or receive donations. gifts. The ethics committee refuted this claim, calling the claims merely hypothetical.

Additionally, the commission determined that the book’s royalties were equivalent to “what other public figures of similar position could obtain for the same or similar work.”

Additionally, MAGA Inc. cited DeSantis’ book tour as a potential ethical transgression because it keeps him “away for Florida.” There is no intrinsic reason why [DeSantis]as governor, cannot go beyond the state, the panel said in rejecting those objections.

According to the report, “the complaint does not provide additional information to establish that these displacements create a permanent or recurring conflict between his private interests and the exercise of his public functions”.

DeSantis, who has yet to say whether he plans to run for president but is seen as Trump’s main challenger, has come under increasing pressure from friends of former President Donald Trump in the wake of ethical complaint. Trump and DeSantis were once friends, but since they are both seeking the GOP candidacy in 2024, they later went their separate ways. The former president has stepped up his criticism of the Florida governor in recent weeks.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, the former president has a significant advantage against DeSantis, with more than half (51%) of Republican voter support compared to just 38% for DeSantis. But when it comes to campaign finance, DeSantis stands above all potential contenders for the GOP nomination.

In the meantime, Trump has enjoyed some well-known endorsements. Compared to just three for DeSantis, more than 50 Republican House members have backed Trump for the GOP nominee. Ten Republican House members from DeSantis’ home state of Florida are among those who endorsed Trump over the state’s governor.

DeSantis, a Republican governor from Florida, stepped up his bid for national recognition before choosing to run for president this month by scheduling talks with a number of congressmen in Washington. This strategy, however, seemed to go awry in a few instances after a number of GOP leaders abruptly endorsed Trump just hours after meeting DeSantis.

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