Find out what Victoria Justice has to say about the rumors that she’s jealous of Ariana Grande!  – Married biography

Find out what Victoria Justice has to say about the rumors that she’s jealous of Ariana Grande! – Married biography

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Find out what Victoria Justice has to say about the rumors that she's jealous of Ariana Grande!

Victoria Justice has denied rumors that she is jealous of Ariana Grande. source: page 6

  • Victoria Justice has addressed longstanding rumors that she felt jealous of Ariana Grande.
  • The actress finally reveals that there is no truth to the rumors.
  • Rivalry rumors have been circulating the internet for over a decade.

Victoria Justice is not jealous of Ariana Grande

Victoria Justice wants the internet to know once and for all that she’s jealous of Ariana Grande.

Actress shuts down rumors she has bad blood for the Thank U, Next singer who also co-starred in Victorious.

Although he does not want “talk about it [topic] more,” THE Zoe 101 alum had his final say in an interview about it.

Upon learning that the rivalry rumors have been around for over 10 years, Justice said:

“We were both like, ‘This is so stupid'”

The actress, 30, said Ariana, 29, at the time, messaged her and they both laughed at the false story that they weren’t friends with each other. the other.

Ariana Grande
The actresses worked together in Victorious. source: page 6

Victoria continued,

“I feel like it’s this constant story of the media and people wanting to play people against each other and that’s not even relevant right now,”

“It’s so stupid. … It’s so stupid.”

Fans later took to social media to share their thoughts on the reported feud.

A fan wrote,

“I feel so bad for Victoria, like this little misunderstanding earned her YEARS of hate.”

Another referenced the characters of the actresses and added,

“Some people didn’t like Tori’s character so they started hating Victoria Justice like she wasn’t Tori Vega, she’s a completely different person, she just played her character.”

A third wrote,

“This girl is not mean. Why does everyone hate her? I love her and Ariana Bouth.

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Why the Internet Thought Victoria Was Jealous of Ariana

Victoria and Ariana played Tori and Cat, respectively, on Nickelodeon’s hit sitcom from 2010 to 2013.

Rumors about their catfight emerged in 2010 when a video of them promoting their show went viral.

As another star of the show, Elizabeth Gillies, began to sing the praises of Grande’s good voice, Victoria stepped in.

Ariana Grande
Victoria and Ariana are still friends. source: page 6

Arms crossed, Justice answered: “I think we all sing”

Many fans thought it was rude and the eye candy the star was simply jealous of the bang bang singer.

After the show ended, Ariana’s music career took off the same year with the release of her debut album. yours truly.

Since then, the actress and singer has won two Grammys and is one of the biggest female pop stars of this generation.

In March 2021, Justice revealed in a podcast that she and Grande continue to support each other, saying:

“I love Ariana, and she’s killing it right now,”

“We text. It’s really cool. So, it’s all right.

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