Fans Are Concerned After Seeing Liam Payne With A New Look In His Last Red Carpet Appearance!  – Married biography

Fans Are Concerned After Seeing Liam Payne With A New Look In His Last Red Carpet Appearance! – Married biography

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Fans Are Concerned After Seeing Liam Payne With A New Look In His Last Red Carpet Appearance!

Liam Payne is shocking fans with his new look. source: page 6

  • Fans expressed their confusion and shock after seeing Liam Payne in his last red carpet appearance.
  • The singer looked different with a gaunt appearance that made fans think something was different from before.
  • Payne recently came under fire for trashing his former band One Direction.

Liam Payne shows a different look on the red carpet

Fans on social media are expressing concern and confusion over what really happened to Liam Payne after his last red carpet appearance.

The former One Direction member looked very different on Thursday as he checked in on his former 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson. All these voices first documentary in London.

THE Strip that the singer’s jawline looked sharper than it actually was and his cheekbones looked more defined.

The singer looked dapper in a white blazer with black accents and black trousers as he posed with his new lover Kate Cassidy for the cameras.

But social media users quickly discovered that something was different about her face.

One person commented under an Instagram photo of Payne, 29, and his 23-year-old girlfriend, writing,

“Omggggggg what happened to Liam?”

Another person joked,

Liam Payne
Payne brought his new girlfriend to the event. source: page 6

“Liam and his girlfriend are probably on their dates [at] a beauty clinic, so they can have the option of getting a load of fillers and Botox together 😂”,

A third referenced plastic surgery which is popular among celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and joked,

“Did Liam also have [sic] on the trend of oral fat removal ????

Another fan tweeted,

“So good to see them together. Liam looks really smart, but so slim. His face is skinny,”

A fan speculated,

“Liam Payne had a complete job, respect him”,

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Liam wants to make amends with his former bandmates

However, there were fans who defended the The story of my life singer and called him hot and handsome as always.

Some have even noted that Payne described himself as bloated as he struggled with alcohol and pills which he has since given up.

Liam also shared a photo from the event on Friday as he expressed how happy he was to reunite with his former bandmate, 31.

He also revealed that he wants to make amends with Louis after he publicly trashed his former 1D bandmates.

Sharing his lengthy apology to Tomlinson, Payne wrote via Instagram,

Liam Payne
Liam demanded an apology from Louis. source: page 6

“I am ashamed in these moments of not being as good a friend as you have been to me”,

“At least I have time now and I’m me again, so I’ll try to make amends.”

THE steal my daughter crooner added,

“Seeing the world through your eyes last night was the most beautiful thing to experience,”

“My neck hurts because of how much I am [sic] looking at you right now you were already my friend and my brother but to be able to look through this window into your world and your mind i [sic] only extends the respect I have for you.

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