Experts warn the White House that Covid is not over

Experts warn the White House that Covid is not over

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Even though the official emergency is now over, that doesn’t mean covid will go away soon. I know three people who tested positive last week! Via the Washington Post:

The White House recently received a sobering warning about the potential for the return of the coronavirus, with experts reaching consensus that there is about a 20% chance within the next two years of an outbreak. rivaling the onslaught of disease inflicted by the omicron variant.

A forecast from a widely regarded scientist has pegged the risk to a more alarming level, suggesting a 40% chance of getting an omicron wave.

White House officials have spoken to a dozen leading experts in virology, immunobiology and other fields about the prospect of the virus re-developing mutations that allow it to evade protections against vaccines and treatments. These previously unreported discussions came as the administration anticipated the May 11 end of the public health emergency declared at the dawn of the pandemic.

One expert put the possibility at 40%. But of course, Republicans aren’t interested in actually preparing.

The expert analysis was shared in a report among Biden administration leaders this spring as they considered how to downsize their coronavirus response team and roll out initiatives to provide protections. longer-term pandemics. Several of these initiatives – including a next-generation vaccination program and a program to cover coronavirus vaccines and covid treatments for the uninsured – are at risk as Republicans seek to recoup unspent coronavirus funds amid ongoing congressional debt ceiling talks.

Have Republicans ever spent money preparing for anything when they can get tax cuts instead?

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