Ernestine Campbell Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Husband, Biography

Ernestine Campbell Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Husband, Biography

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Ernestine Campbell

Ernestine Campbell age, height, net worth, wiki, husband, biography.

Ernestine Campbell is a well-known former secretary from Washington, DC. She is also known as Little Richard’s ex-wife, Richard Wayne Penniman.

Ernestine Campbell: Profile Summary

Full name Ernestine Campbell
Date of birth 1939
Place of birth UNITED STATES
Occupation Famous Ex-Wife/Former DC Secretary
Age 81 years old
lester 56 kilograms
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Nationality American
Eye colour Brown
Hair color Blond
Relationship status Divorce
ex-spouse Richard Wayne Penniman, aka Little Richard

Ernestine Campbell: biography and wiki

Ernestine Campbell was well known as the wife of Richard Wayne Penniman. Richard, better known as Little Richard, was an American singer, songwriter, and musician.

The duo met at a gospel gathering in October 1957. They then began dating until their marriage on July 12, 1959. They then had a peaceful life in a happy marriage before their divorce in 1964. According to Harvin, the marriage ended due to her husband’s celebrity status, which made life unbearable.

Additionally, she said he became a negligent husband because he changed his sexuality to gay anyway. However, Robinson and Harvin denied Penninman’s claims that he was gay.

Ernestine Campbell: Age

Campbell is well known for being the ex-wife of the famous singer and songwriter Little Richard. In 1939, Ernestine was born in the United States. However, there are no exact details about Campbell’s date of birth. It is therefore difficult to decide on the birth sign of Ernestine. In 2022, Ernestine is 83 years old.

As for Campbell’s physical condition, his height is around 5 feet 6 inches and his weight is around 65 kg. Campbell has beautiful dark brown eyes and black hair.

Ernestine Campbell: wife and son of little Richard

In 1959, Campbell married Little Richard on July 11 in California. Ernestine and her husband Richard met in 1957 and soon began dating. After getting married, Ernestine and Richard adopted a child named Danny JonesPenniman of a former church associate. When he was just one year old, Danny was adopted by Ernestine and her ex-husband.

He was also Richard’s bodyguard. Ernestine was happily married to her husband, Richard, until 1964. Sadly, she divorced Richard in 1964. According to various sources, Ernestine divorced her husband because it was difficult to maintain her husband’s celebrity status , but the two have ended their nearly five-year marriage. with mutual understanding. After their separation, Ernestine was still friends with her ex-husband, Richard.

In 1975, Ernestine remarried with Mcdonald Campbell in California. But her ex-husband, Richard, didn’t marry anyone after they split.

Ernestine Campbell: obituary

Ernestine Campbell’s ex-husband, Richard, was a renowned singer who died on May 9, 2020. According to various sources, the real cause of the singer’s death was cancer, but his family has not revealed anything about it. . Hence, it was a sad day in the history of American music as he contributed a lot to the American music industry with his soulful voice and nice-to-hear songs. Campbell’s ex-husband died at his home in Tullahoma at age 87 from cancer. Additionally, in Alabama, Richard is buried at Oakland University’s Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Ernestine Campbell: Career

Ernestine is a former Washington DC secretary, and there are no further details about her other profession. On the other hand, her husband, Little Richard, was a well-known American singer and songwriter whose full name was Richard Wayne Penniman. For more than seven decades, Richard has been an important figure in the music industry.

Moreover, the foundations of rock and roll were laid in ways other than her husband’s energetic showmanship. Additionally, in 1986 and 2007, Richard was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Her ex-husband hooked up with Special Records in 1955, producer Art Rupe who was looking for a piano leader in New Orleans to lead a group of singers. Later in September, her ex-husband went to the recording studio and released “Tutti Frutti”.

Tutti Frutti became an instant hit by reaching Billboard No. 17. Since then, her ex-husband started working as a musician. With a great voice and charming personality, his stage presence led him to great success. Richard has earned huge amounts of money from his successful singing career. According to various sources, the net worth of her ex-husband, the late Richard, was around $40 million when he died.

Ernestine Campbell: Anecdotes

  1. In 1939, Ernestine was born in the United States.
  2. In 2022, Ernestine is 83 years old.
  3. In 1959, Campbell married Little Richard on July 11.
  4. After getting married, Ernestine and Richard adopted a child named Danny Jones Penniman.
  5. She divorced Richard in 1964.

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