éric dupond moretti national assembly read here!  The talks today

éric dupond moretti national assembly read here! The talks today

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On Tuesday March 7, the debates of the French National Assembly were interrupted by the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti giving the finger of honor to the left-wing president Les Républicains (LR), Olivier Marleix. Marleix has just recalled Dupond-Moretti’s conflict of interest accusations. Dupond-Moretti said he regretted the gesture.

Olivier Marleix mentioned several cases involving members of the presidential camp and the Keeper of the Seals during the examination of a bill by the Renaissance group (the party of President Emmanuel Macron). Dupond-Moretti made this gesture while descending from the rostrum/rostrum. Dupond-Moretti was immediately arrested by an elected LR. He said, “There’s not one hand.” They are both two, and each is accompanied by words. (…) It was ‘the finger on the presumption of innocence’. It was repeated twice. These proposals angered LR deputies who left the hemicycle.

Dupond-Moretti explained and assured that “the finger is not pointed at MP Marleix” when the session resumes.

The minister said, “I feel sorry for him” and urged left and right to make amends.

Olivier Faure was the first secretary of the Socialist Party. It’s something completely new. It is a scandal. Mathilde Panot (left), leader of the deputies of La France Insoumise declared that “To give the finger of honor to a group president was unworthy of your place”.

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