Queen Cheryl, a popular social media influencer, recently made headlines after her partner King Quran McCain posted a tearful TikTok video. The video raised concerns among their fans for Queen Cheryl’s well-being.

A unique relationship with Queen Cheryl and Quran McCain

Queen Cheryl and Quran McCain have amassed a major following on TikTok due to their unconventional relationship, which has a considerable age gap. Their unique bond resonated with their followers, who eagerly followed their journey on social media.

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Concerns for Queen Cheryl’s health

On March 31, 2023, Quran posted a video that left many of its followers worried about Queen Cheryl’s health. In the emotional video, Quran could be seen crying, leading to speculation about the couple’s relationship status. Many people asked about the wellbeing of Queen Cheryl, who had not been seen in public for a while.

However, it later emerged that Quran was upset because the couple had trouble finding a surrogate. The video’s caption clarified this point, but some people missed it.

Dispelling false rumors

Unfortunately, Queen Cheryl has been surrounded by false rumors about her health and death in the past. It’s unclear how these rumors started, but they caused significant distress to the couple and their followers.

The Quran was quick to dispel the rumors and confirmed that Queen Cheryl was in good health. As of March 2023, the couple are still together and looking forward to starting a family soon.

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In conclusion, the emotional TikTok video posted by King Quran McCain has raised concerns about Queen Cheryl’s health among their fans. However, the couple clarified that the tears were due to their difficulties in finding a surrogate. It’s important to be careful not to spread rumors and always read captions before making assumptions. We wish the couple all the best on their journey to starting a family.