Easiest way to tell if stack is full or empty

Easiest way to tell if stack is full or empty

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Good old batteries didn’t disappear with the advent of rechargeable batteries. They get their hands on remote controls and other useful devices around the house. Here is an effective trick that lets you know in seconds whether the battery is to be thrown away or can you still count on it.

A blackout and you’re looking for your torch! It works with good old round, alkaline batteries. invented in the 1950s by Lewis Urie, he buried the salt pan very quickly with his longevity and his strength,

Most famous: AAAA LR61 batteries, the thinnest they power remote control, wireless headphones or toys, The most popular are the AAA LR03 batteries found in mice, watches… they can never compete with the larger E-Block batteries (PP3) that are in security devices such as alarms or smoke detectors,

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Despite their usefulness and their performance, these batteries do not indicate their charge rate, and with the naked eye, we cannot know if they need to be replaced and when…

Simple tip that tells you if a battery is still effective: drop. This method is suitable for round, thin or large batteries, in which the two poles are on opposite sides. To proceed, you’ll need to remove the battery from its holder and figure out how to reinsert it. we will find out the weight of it thanks One drop and it makes noise. Place on top of a table about 5 to 8 cm away from a flat surface. Hold the battery upright with the flat end facing down. If the battery makes a dull sound and bounces on the surface, then it is empty … If it falls and remains straight, it means that it is still working.

Beyond this technology, there is still the scientific method which uses equipment found in science laboratories.… multimeter. You tell it the type of battery and its power and it gives you the charge rate. It’s that simple… when you have the device!

Battery can also be saved.

However, batteries as we know them have one big problem: what happens to them once they’re not used. Fortunately, associations or public authorities recover them in order to make them go to recycling,

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rechargeable batteries on their basis

On their basis rechargeable batteries. They wait before returning to their posts! Source: SPM

However, the solution exists and remains very profitable. Bring rechargeable batteries. Quite expensive to buy, they can be recharged in a box that is sold in stores for a few tens of euros. Thus, immediately, they will hold between 15 and 20 different charges and are recycled in the same way as other batteries. The investment pays off only if you have a lot of accumulators in the house. It is also beneficial for your concern for the environment and storage. From now on, the battery doesn’t work, you recharge it overnight and it can return to its original position.

Now you know what to do with all that stockpile of batteries found at the bottom of the drawer. You can sort them, think of a recycling bin for used batteries. You can even replace them with rechargeable batteries, always at hand and more economical.

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