Don Jr slams ‘weak’ Republicans for failing to protect his father

Don Jr slams ‘weak’ Republicans for failing to protect his father

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Don Jr. called Charlie Kirk’s show in the middle of the indictment. Trump supporters think their hero is above the law. None of us have yet seen the evidence that was presented to the grand jury, but they attack the rule of law.

Interestingly, Charles phrased his question in a way that suggests the grand jury destroys the rule of law. We know he’s probably talking about Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, but the grand jury decided to indict him.

“What is your response to the Republican Party crawling as we see the destruction of the rule of law, the targeting of a former president and the transformation of a chapter of America into an America that is not free and that’s not fair What’s your reaction to that?” he asked Junior.

“Well, look, we can never elect someone like that again,” the indicted former president’s son said. “I mean, that’s why we’re in the position that we’re in because they continually and constantly bend the knee, they give in, you know, no matter what, whatever the whim of the radical left.

He sort of veered off topic to talk about the trans community. At least I think he said trans. I don’t speak cocaine, so it’s hard to say.

“We see that in the trans (?) movement these days, where they go, they blame innocent children, shot in cold blood by a sociopath,” he continued. “And that’s not a hate crime. But if you’re a worried parent who goes to a teacher-to-teacher meeting and you don’t want your kids to be indoctrinated, you’re a domestic terrorist.”

Dude, CPAC called your party a domestic terrorist. I just thought to mention it.

“But this example of, you know, the apology that never ends,” he said after he apologized to his indicted father. “I mean, it seems like it’s off topic, but it’s not because it’s so extreme.”

“And we have example after example of that where our quote-unquote leadership just bends the need for the other side because it’s an easy existence in Washington DC to be a weak Republican,” he said. added.

Good now. Looks like Junior is mad at the Republicans, and I think that’s great. Trump could form his own party out of bitterness towards the GOP and then split the ticket. Keep talking, ass clown.

By the way, does Charlie Kirk’s head seem to be getting bigger?