Discover that Venus can have active volcanoes as the Tierra » Newspade

Discover that Venus can have active volcanoes as the Tierra » Newspade

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Scientists of the Universidad de Alaska en Fairbanks, de Estados Unidos, observed por primera vez geológicas directas de actividad volcánica reciente in the surface of the planet most brilliant of the solar system, Venus. The investigators and authors of the discovery examined and analyzed archival images of the surface of Venus that they captured mediante radar for the Magallanes space probe, during the first years of the decade of 1990. The images of Venus revealed a volcanic chimenea that changed its shape there increased considerably from tamaño to less than one año. The study of the active volcanoes on the Tierra helps to design how the interior of a planet can mold the corteza de éste, impelling its geologic evolution to affect it has its habitability, because NASA has prepared the new mission to Venus on it VERITAS , that tends to be the main object precisely the observation and studies of the volcanic behavior in this planet and will be launched at the beginning of a decade. Los miembros del discovery y equipo científico de VERITAS, buscaron actividad volcánica reciente in los datos colectados por la Magallanes, y tras 200 horas de comparar manualmente images de cada zona captadas por la sonda en tempsos distintos,note que dos images de la misma zona, tomadas con ocho meses de diferencia, mostraban cambios geológicos causados ​​​​por una erupción.

Graphics: Julio Loyola, Roberto Alvarado and Luisa Ortega

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