Did You Know You Can Do This?

Did You Know You Can Do This? in the 18th century American politician
and scientist benjamin franklin
conducted a scary experiment trying to
attract lightning to a laden jar in
order to understand the nature of
electricity through actually franklin did
not have to risk his life the answer
lied in his body all along

looks familiar everyone probably felt a
discharge like that at the most
unexpected moment coming from the most
unexpected object at least once in their
life i wouldn’t be surprised if someone
attributed such discharges to evil
forces in the middle ages but that’s
just static electricity and it’s always
been around just like the atoms atoms
consist of smaller elements a nucleus
made of protons and neutrons as well as
electrons that revolve around it protons
have positive charge electrons a
negative one usually an atom has the
the same number of positively and negatively
charged particles so it stays uncharged
but sometimes electrons leave their
orbits and are attracted to other atoms
this is how the atom gets a positive or
the negative charge which stays until it
touches an atom with the opposite
properties and uncharges at this moment
a discharge of static electricity occurs
it might sound very complicated but you
can encounter static electricity
everywhere drier air and synthetic or
woolen items only increase the
likelihood of its occurrence do you want
to subdue electricity for a few seconds
shuffle your feet in woolen socks across
the carpet rub a balloon on your hair or
use a plastic comb stroke a fluffy pet
well if you touch another person after
that they’ll get a shock but be careful
it works both ways

seriously though can static electricity
generate a strong enough discharge not a
tiny spark but something serious like
thor style well in this case you’ll have
to rub something really big a couple of
giant dogs and the sky over new york
might do after all lightning is also
caused by static electricity tiny ice
molecules move inside the cloud and
constantly collide with each other as a
result static charge builds up until a
flash of lightning occurs well or
something like that
but if lightning is static electricity
does it mean it can even kill a man when
it comes to lightning certainly but
under normal conditions such a discharge
is usually harmless shuffling across the
carpet with socks on can generate a
charge of 10 to 25 millijoules whereas
it would take around 350 millijoules to
kill a human of course we’re talking
about healthy people without pacemakers
but i think you get the idea it is okay
to be cautious and wary of electricity
including static electricity but here’s
a fact electricity is already inside our
bodies yes right now moreover the cells
of the human body are literally designed
to conduct current the nervous system
needs electricity to send signals
throughout the body and to the brain
allowing us to move think and sense we
are literally alive thanks to
electricity and it helps us every day
here’s another familiar situation you
reach for a hot kettle but when you
touch it your hand jerks back you
haven’t even actually felt the pain all
because the body defends itself
unconsciously using the nervous system
the information about touching something
hot doesn’t even go through the brain
it’d take too long and wouldn’t save the
body from burns that’s why such
decisions are made in the spinal cord
Don’t touch the kettle
but this is an emergency in most cases
adults can realize that an object is hot
which means it’s better not to touch it
no seriously don’t check how quickly the
spinal cord will react meanwhile small
kids are not yet experienced enough to
understand how hot kettles and other
dangerous things work but nature has a
plan for everything you may have noticed
the bodies of kids recover from damage
faster when we’re small our bodies work
in a special mode gene is activated to
increase the chances of survival and
when a person becomes an adult this mode
turns off scientists have found the same
mechanism in mice and figured out how to
turn the gene back on hold on does this
mean we can control the way genes work
you bet we can and i’m not talking about
scientist interventions only in complex
experiments that’s pretty obvious but
take at least the ability to roll the
tongue if you can do this then you’re
among the 65 to 81 percent of people on
earth who have this skill it’s believed
that more of them are women than men and
also that this is a simple genetic trait
inherited from one of the parents for a
long time scientists believe that if a
person doesn’t know how to roll his
tongue he’ll never learn this skill
turned out that constant practice allows
people to do things they simply aren’t
expected to do if you’re determined
enough you can hack your genetic code
perhaps you just thought what’s the
point of rolling the tongue anyway well
there’s no point or practical benefit to
that this is why scientists like to
study this ability so much while they’re
busy with their weird theories you can
go one step further and train your
tongue to blow bubbles i’ll show you
what it looks like you can easily find
detailed instructions yourself and you
know you may find this phrase in all
sorts of motivational videos but it
turns out that anything is possible if
you train hard enough even changing your
own face now let me tell you straight
away this technology is not entirely
scientifically based but many claim it
works it’s pretty simple when we do not
use our tongue it normally rests on the
palate and our jaws are not together
however some may find their tongue
resting on their lower teeth or lower
lip in this position the mouth can be
slightly opened the proponents of mewing
believe this ruins the shape of the face
to avoid the consequences they recommend
pressing the tongue to the palate keep
the mouth closed and make sure that the
teeth at least touch moreover you have
to do it all the time it’s believed that
until you hit 70 the sutures connecting
the bones of the upper jaw with the rest
of the skull have not yet become
ossified which means the shape of the
face can be changed does it work i
haven’t tried it yet but if there’s a
chance to change your face by just
closing your jaws and pressing your
tongue to the palate it all can change
back before you turn 70. that sounds
frustrating though this is just how the
human body works we’ve already lost what
we acquired many times you’ve probably
heard about the mythical ability of
opera singers to break glasses with the
power of their voices to do this you
need to be very loud speech usually
stays at the 50 decibel level the sound
of a working lawnmower at about 100
decibels and breaking a glass takes well
definitely more than 100 decibels in
this case the voice must resonate with
the glass otherwise nothing will happen
the singer also needs to sustain a
certain note for at least two to three
seconds to generate enough vibration to
break the glass the important thing is
not to overdo it the human pain
threshold lies at 120 decibels
though in the past people may have been
able to break dishes with their voices
without harming themselves maybe even
the ones made of clay not glass what i
wouldn’t be surprised unlike animals
which can be very loud we only use about
one percent of our vocal capacity that’s
because of complex sounds all kinds of
vowels and consonants birds do not have
such problems scientists suggest that
people used to be much louder in the
past maybe we could even shout down some
deer during the mating season let’s be
honest all these technologies used by
people and all that stuff that makes our
lives comfortable and better have a
great effect on our abilities
anthropologist peter mcallister claims
that our very distant ancestors ran much
faster jumped higher and were generally
like real olympic champions though there
were no olympic games at that time yet
after studying the traces of ancient
hunters who chased prey on the soft
muddy shore of a lake mcallister
realized they were running at a speed of
23 miles per hour if the ancient people
had the right shoes they would easily
accelerate to 28 miles per hour and even
surpass usain bolt and if our ancestors
were actually training modern people
simply would not stand a chance unless
of course you’re captain america i need
a new set of lungs
dude you just ran like 13 miles in 30
minutes today since you can hack jeans
why not hack this system too you can run
a marathon and withstand the toughest
loads if you get a second win as it
usually happens scientists are not 100
sure where the second wind comes from
apparently after getting exhausted the
body begins to utilize resources from
alternative sources such as fatty acids
and proteins according to another theory
the exertion stimulates the production
of endorphins and the person suddenly
starts feeling very well in this state
you can achieve peak performance even if
you can barely stand on your feet some
athletes argue that you can train your
body to switch to second wind mode after
all under certain conditions we often
discover we have unusual abilities
sometimes they help us survive during
world war ii soldiers of the us 101st
airborne division fought for three days
straight almost without food and sleep
as a result they blanked out and later
could not remember the battles they
fought lack of proper rest is a problem
that occurs during any hostilities but
few people think about it meanwhile
sleep disorders even in times of peace
lead to distracted attention can you
imagine the consequences of that during
a war that’s why the military has
developed special techniques one was
used by the united states army to help
soldiers fall asleep in stressful
situations in two minutes it involves
slow breathing relaxing every muscle
from the face to the feet and then
pausing for 10 seconds and clearing the
mind it is recommended to imagine you’re
on the shore of a lake visualize a happy
memory or repeat the words do not think
in general it might work i don’t know
about the battlefield but this could
also come in handy in real life share in
the comments if it worked for you see
you later

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